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Okay, Fixed several glitches, and tileset glitches. I noticed that most of the glitches occur in VERMILLION City. Anyway, I've added more detail to Poliwhirl underwater arc.

Completely finished the VERMILLION CITY saga. All the loose end is finished. Just added the abandoned Gym arc, now doing the Route 11 Bike contest. I'll will release the next patch after completing Seafoam Isle arc.

Originally Posted by RizkyUchiha View Post
How to find the Lake Monster? i cant find it
Oh! Yeah, the Lake Monster Arc actually isn't finished yet. Since you need surf, and you couldn't have gotten it in the game yet. This is the same for the Dojo Brothers arc, and the Love Letter arc. They aren't finished yet. But they would be done by the next patch. The first patch is just to let people have a feel first.