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    Originally Posted by SevilitheArcanine View Post
    Hello all! I'm new here. Well, actually, I've apparently had an account here since August. I guess I just forgot about it...

    Anyways, I'm SevilitheArcanine. Call me Sevil for short. I stole that name from some hack I played once, Pokemon Dragonstone.

    My favorite Pokemon is Arcanine, obviously.

    I came here to this site to get help making a Pokemon hack, mostly to learn to script, but I guess it can't hurt to make some friends along the way.

    Hey there SevilitheArcanine!

    Cool so you're a Rom Hacker just like me too huh? :3 You can find awesome tutorials about scripting in the tutorials section under Emulation. As you can see my main role in hacking is a scripter so if you need help don't be shy to ask me by just Vm'ing me.

    Anyways, welcome and have a nice stay here on PC!