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Okay, I became busy and left this but I guess we can revive it if you guys want ^^

1) "Of course, lemme hop onto your back and we'll fly away and rescue him in a mo'!" 1 vote

2) "I will help you, but I need to get stronger and catch more pokémon first!" 6 votes

3) "Hell no, you just interrupted my morning tan session so if I'mma help you you've gotta do me a major favor first!"

> "I will help you, but I need to get stronger and catch more pokémon first!"

"Oh..." Latias seems saddened but then shines up. "Okay, then I'll help you get stronger faster!"

The pokémon suddenly twirls around and transforms into a girl about your own age.

"Like this, I can follow you without anyone knowing I'm a pokémon!"

You blink but decide to believe that pokémon are capable of pretty magical stuff. After all, you can magically change clothes with a thought, too.

"First, I think you need more pokémon," Latias says as she comes up from the water, all dry. "Even though Eevee is so cute! Where should we go to capture one?" she asks and picks up Eevee to cuddle.

What do you reply?


> Choose a location on the map to look for pokémon in, or choose to leave town west to route 121.
If you like a suggestion that someone has made before you, just suggest the same.
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