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Yes, I know I still have to finish my Normal UMC, but my White Version isn't working anymore, so until I can get an emulator that'll actually run smoothly on my slow computer like my VBA or I get a copy of Black (which I might be getting on my birthday next week), I'll have to leave it on hold. And...I lost my Pearl Version, so I hope to also get Platinum. Anyway, for now, I'll just tackle another type and cross the bridge of "unable to do anything until I can solve my lack of Gen 4 and Gen 5 games problem" when the time comes.

Username: KoboraX
Type: Bug
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): LeafGreen, Silver, Emerald, Platinum, Black

And luckily, I don't have to start on LeafGreen anymore. I'll start with Emerald first this time around. I've always wanted to see Beautifly's potential since I used Dustox in a nuzlocke run. Anyway, I'll have an update up pretty soon. Sorry about all the happens