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Tamor Bellfiend (featuring Auden Radke)
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Valiantly the other brave Knights of Ekilore rose up to conquer the fiery beasts that stood in the way of victory. Meanwhile Tamor and Auden sat in the same position on the ground. It felt rather serene; Tamor sat with her legs carefully tuckered beneath her fragile body, positioned directly to the right-hand side was a mess of a man, Auden. Uneasiness still lingered and washed over Tamor as she swept her thin fingers through his messy hair that had gathered dirt, rock, and even bits of flesh. Niolas rested quietly on her left shoulder his eyes were focused on the battlefield instead of his owner. Despite her best attempts and multitude of prayers nothing could restore Auden’s mana, he was forced to stay back from the fight as her healing magic slowly coursed through every inch of his being. The mage’s mind wondered away from her second dearest companion and focused on the battle that raged on ahead. The Grey brothers somehow managed their way to the Necromancer; their weapons were advantageous against a horde of undead but would soon fall short against a mage as powerful as the one that sat upon the throne. Mages typically never fought close combat, as a general rule it was much easier to strike down a dangerous foe from a safe distance especially when those foes had extremely well forged weapons and were well skilled with them. Even at a distance Tamor knew the warrior’s weapons and armor were forged from the finest Reigncliff steel, it wasn’t as great as dwarven steel, nothing could best dwarven steel, but it still crafted well. Tamor’s time in Yarne had taught her this yet she was still novice at forging her own weapons not that she required such items. A finer duo had not graced Tamor’s eyes; Roland and Percival moved in sync never once questioning the others movements. A sense of jealousy pinged somewhere deep and well hidden in Tamor she longed for that feeling of absolute trust. Without hesitation Tamor buried the feeling deeper hoping eventually she’d be able to suffocate it until it ceased to cause her pain.

The Necromancer engaged the two knights in a close range fight, a very unusual thing for a mage to do. Perhaps his vast years under the apparent tutelage of Dabel had infected his mind with such madness he had forgotten that he wasn’t a god himself. A barrage of spells was unleashed as the Necromancer took on the first brother, Roland. Miraculously the swordsman had made his mark on the staff wielding mage but it hadn’t come without repercussions. The mage was nimble Tamor noted as he had managed to catch Roland’s armored arm and release magic energy that led him to crumpled onto the ground. Something overwhelmed the Necromancer as he doubled over in pain without any outside forces inducing it. Before the chance to finish off the swordsman arrived Percival stepped forward, now he too would receive the same fate. The second brother acted as more of a defensive wall his moved protected himself but also dealt blows given the opening. It was foolish courage and death was eminent if their battle continued much further. Without a second thought Tamor delivered a swift prayer to the Nine, then one separately for just Tella, her patron goddess. As the Necromancer was forced to defend himself his spells became more dangerous and sickly in power, he was a darkness that needed cleansing. All around Tamor the vile undead transformed into heaps of flesh and bone, their form had lost all its shape. In his hands he held two pieces of his staff, a battered Roland had somehow managed to slice through it at some point. Upon realization that his precious staff was damaged beyond repair the Necromancer went into a fit. Roland and Percival were at the end of a spell that threw them backwards. The elven archer, and newest member of the Knights of Ekilore joined the ranks of the brothers, as did the fainted mage. The sixty-foot gap between the duo and the rest of the knights was as noticeable as ever; Tamor wished they could unify their team.

“I-I-I need to get you out of here,” Barely audible Tamor spoke directly to her companion who had regained enough strength to stand but not without assistance of his sword. The dark energy that shimmered around the Necromancer had intensified within the last few seconds; this was only the beginning of his mighty wrath upon them. She couldn’t knowingly allow the Necromancer to steal another comrade away from her not even one she had to suffered abuse from. The Necromancer had summoned the wicked energy into creation that could’ve only come from Dabel’s imagination, the aura that emitted from it made Tamor sick. Almost immediately he dealt out his spells to each of the Knights, some of them grabbed shields to protect themselves while others simply tried to dodge the attack to no avail.

“Get-“ Words took up more time while actions were immediate. Tamor left the words in her mouth and hoped the risky moves she was about to take validated her words later on. The foul energy slammed its might into each one of the Knights threatening to dissolve their existence. Its reached was incredible; it had even managed to find Tamor and Auden who were over seventy feet away from where the Necromancer stood. Before the energy could make an impact Tamor launched herself forward, this life she had been given was of little meaning but Auden at least could complete the mission granted to them by the monks. Back toward the incoming assault Tamor’s caring eyes rose up to meet Auden’s dazed ones.

As the toxicity of the attack ate through Tamor’s robes and flesh it surprisingly had managed to leave the insignia of Raelus’ mage’s guild untouched. Tamor fell to her knees despite her best attempt to stay upright; the spell bore and ripped its way deeper into her frail body as she clinched the dirt between her trembling fingers. Her skin had started to peel back in places where the sickly spell had briefly touched. It redden in color as the bubbles of puss and blood became apparent. Her nostrils caught the strong smell of her own disintegrating flesh; a pungent odor that left Tamor’s sense of smell numb. The burns were more severe on her shoulders and triceps than anywhere else. Agony settled in it was more painful than Tamor had imagined, it increased with every passing second and heighten with the slightest of movements. The quickness of her actions had left her unable to summon the divine magic she held before the Necromancer displayed his frightening power. Words, divine words, held power too as Tamor made evident as she began chanting the hymns of the Holy Mother, Tella. A feeling of relief wash over her the wounds began the fast process of healing herself her damaged tissue reverted back to its previous state. The Necromancer’s tricks were best used on those who lacked the power Tamor had been granted by the Nine. Energy restored itself, which gave her the ability to stand and face the spawn of Infernum, but what Tamor saw made her wish she had stopped standing. Swirls of sinister energy occupied itself between the hands of the Necromancer his eerie smile grew wider as the blacken flames did. Dabel had created those flames; they were wicked souls that threatened to consume Aerion in its entirety. Their darkness wafted throughout the entire room chilling Tamor to the bone, dark magic permeated Tamor’s senses and thoughts. A pressure wrapped around her throat, the sheer force of it dropped Tamor back onto her knees with her hands clutching at her neck trying to break the strength of the wicked. The foul, corrupted aura created by dark mages was potent; it was an experience Tamor had never had the displeasure of encountering. It was tough, it was brutal, it was the exact opposite of the magic she used. Sanity and clarity was brought back through prayer Tamor stood on her feet though she felt ill the hymns, verses, and prayers that guided her day to day pushed her through the pain. She accepted her future fate as the nefarious flames of Infernum drew closer; it was her duty to protect Auden in his current weak state even if that meant directly taking vile spells.

Tamor stood up again; her reckless attitude had come to a surprise to Auden. Stupid girl. Auden thought as he shot air backwards throwing his body towards hers. In one fluid movement he wrapped himself around her front, and kicked her to the ground before turning to face the incoming flames. Before she went down Niolas flew up and away from the scuffle. "Damn." He said as he threw his arms out, releasing his own flames to block the Necromancer's destructive flames, though drained of his mana they did little more than slightly weaken the Necromancer's attack. The flames engulfed his body quickly, they burnt away most of his already dirty robes and the frontal skin as he forced out air magic to put the flames out and protect his face. The pain was immense as he turned back to Tamor with blood running down from his eyes and ears from the use of magic when he hadn't any mana or so he thought, an extremely dangerous practice that he'd never done before. He took a careful step backwards toward a grounded Tamor, he coughed blood, and it sprayed from his mouth. He brought up what was left of his robes to wipe the red substance off his face and grinned. It had been some time since he had fought this hard no one in quite some time had gotten his mana near this level, it was almost refreshing. He kept his composure and then he stared down at his toy that he had continually risked his life for with wonder.

A startled Tamor found herself being forcefully knocked to the ground. It was alarming as she saw the shadows of a man she thought was as good as gone, at least from this fight. His actions had honored his deal that he made with Tamor; he had protected her life instead of the other way around. The burns had consumed their fair amount of material, Tamor gasped as Auden turned toward her. His skin was seared; the dark mage’s spell had performed a number on the Knight of Ekilore that stood before her. In an instant she gathered herself from the ground, she ignored the pain that throbbed and the fact that he had violently taken her down.

“A-A-Auden?” Tamor muttered meekly as she firmly pressed her hands onto the afflicted skin. It began to recover as soon as her hand was set against it, “"Why, why are you doing this to yourself?”

"I already told-" Auden started, but his vision became tinted with red as he looked straight at her blood leaked from a gash on his eyebrow. Unable to contain himself blood filled his mouth and was released as he was thrown into a coughing fit. He also bleed from the ears the blood dropped onto Tamor’s hand, as she looked him in the eyes. "I'll protect you with my life."

What would’ve seemed like a sweet gesture only reminded Tamor that that was his obligation to her. Nonetheless her eyes began leaking liquid of their own but hers was clear in color, tears. “I need to get you out of here!” She slowly shifted her hands from his chest to his face hoping that the speed of his healing would increase if she were closer to the injury.

Despite the move the blood continued to flow from his brown eyes, Tamor’s divine magic had managed to slow the rate of the flow but not completely able to stop it. Weakly he brought a hand to her cheek and wiped away her tears. "You're probably the only one who can beat him now," Auden stated clearly, and immediately coughed up more blood, some of it splattered onto Tamor’s face while the rest dribbled down his face. "Don't worry about me," His body began swaying forward, for a second he almost fell forward onto his companion. "Go stop him Tamor."

“No, I can't, I won't leave you!" Tamor said with determination, the other Knights would do just fine, wouldn’t they? "Y-you need me here and that's where I'll stay!" Her voice was filled with raw emotions, but the sound of fear was most prominent.

"If you don't kill him, I'll kill you instead." His words were forced; Auden had leaned in closer for a more personal effect. He then brought his other hand to the base her neck as if to emphasize his point even further.

Tamor disregarded the placement of his hand he had sworn to her that he would protect her life and that protection included his own attempts as well. "I'll protect you, but at least let me get you to safety!" Before he had a chance to reject Tamor positioned herself by his side and bared the burden of his weight.

Auden sick of her stalling picked her up by the neck, "Go now Tamor." Unlike hers his voice didn’t displayed any emotions.

It wasn’t right, Tamor shouldn’t have to kill again not this fast. The Necromancer despite his wickedness was alive; he breathed the same air she did. As she scoured the battlefield she noted that her comrades were all incapacitated. It truly was up to her, but Tamor wasn’t ready for that responsibility, what if she failed? If she took care of the Necromancer without killing him that would solve at least one of her problems. A burdened Tamor took her leave from Auden’s space after she prompted him against a wall. Steps brought her closer than ever before to the man known as the Necromancer, her lips moved subconsciously reciting the last prayer.

“What do we have here? A scrawny haggard, I see.” An overconfident tone was used as Tamor gotten within ten feet of the man.

“By thy wish thy will shall be fulfilled by the one true goddess, Tella,” Tamor’s words were no longer mumbles but audible sayings.

“Tella?” A heartily chuckle escaped from his mouth, Tamor found his disrespect appalling. “My lady, you’re praying to the wrong god, for she is not I!”

As if ‘I’ was a cue the Necromancer threw up his hands, the same ones that had caused the death of many people, and returned the deadly fire to his hands once more. The only reaction that Tamor gave to this statement was the slow movement of her thin lips as she lowered her eyelids. The Prayer of the Nine took a lot of concentration and dedication to memorize the entire scripture. These flames appeared eager to serve their master and seemingly in response grew larger than before, Tamor readied herself as she summoned the restoration properties of her divine magic through her own enchantments. A perilous battle such as this was a key piece in their soon to be known history as Knights of Ekilore, this is where they would fail and perish or succeed in order to defend Aerion against greater evils. The energy wrapped around her tiny frame began to glow into a bright, golden hue as its ever-changing form began shifting into the familiar thin, flexible blades. Its comfort reassured Tamor of her safety and the power of the Gods and Goddesses that watched over her. By pressing firmly into the ground with her dominant foot Tamor sped forward with the speed three times her regular amount. As soon as Tamor’s boot had made its imprint and left dust swirling in its absence the Necromancer released his burning rage. The flames approached Tamor at almost the same speed she was traveling at, they lapped up the oxygen and doubled in size. Quick as she could Tamor stopped in place and thrust her palms together in front of her, which made one single blade of energy and parted the flames as if it were made of water. Flames licked at her clothing and body yet were unable to completely consume her. How foolish was that to run into battle without a plan, especially with a foe that had consummated with the dark arts. Unfortunately, Tamor didn’t have time to worry whether or not her comrades were in the way of the Necromancer’s attacks. The gap between them was significantly less than it was before, it would be a game of cat and mouse with a slight twist from here on out. In an attempt to perfect her technique Tamor willed the blades of divine energy into sharper, longer, and more flexible versions of themselves.

Without a sound the Necromancer had ran forward, on a moment’s instinct Tamor did the opposite, he clearly was trying to engage in close combat. A pile of bones lay in front of the Necromancer their cries of temptation were too loud for them to be ignored by the elder mage. One handedly he retrieved the leftovers of his old servants as he began casting dark magic with the other. Clueless, Tamor stood there with her eyes never leaving the sight of the ominous clouds that enveloped the bones that lay in his hands. The spell had tainted the appearance; they had been elongated and shifted into that of a longsword, standard hilt included. Here they were spell-casting mages yet the both occupied weapons that belonged to the less magically gifted. At that very second their eyes met and a chill ran down her spine, Tamor knew this was only the beginning of a battle that would only end in one of their demises. She brought her arms forward and thus crossing the Blades of Light, also the name Tamor had given the spell, before both opponents took off from their respective places toward one another. Their weapons kissed and kissed again, the Necromancer eyes brightly gleamed as he pressed more of his weight into his newly crafted weapon into the middle of Tamor’s crossed blades. The Necromancer moved boldly, his moves were strong and without hesitant while Tamor’s moves told a different tale. She moved around the battlefield gracefully making light and carefully timed movements. As fast as they had come together they split apart repeatedly, their constant clashing resulted their separate energies meeting. Swirls of bright gold and deep indigo combated at each other neither gaining the upper hand when they clashed. Both parties grew tiresome of their back and forth combat going nowhere but only one was devilish enough to try a new tactic.

“I heard a tale once, care to hear it?” His voice irritated Tamor, he was trying to sound regal but he was no king nor god. The Necromancer continued without an answer, “Tella was not the good deity she is now made out to be."

“Speak another ill word and you shall find yourself without a tongue,” Tamor spat, those who dare utter treacherous words against The Nine deserved an eternity in Infernum.

"Tella was nothing more than a harlot, more so than that Alksa Goddess," The Necromancer stated with a wave of his hand as if it were an everyday fact. He continued with his fable, "In fact, I'm willing to wager that Tella has laid with any major deity in that pathetic religion, females included. She never could control herself!"

Tightly she clinched her fist, Tamor seethed with anger and her face contorted with rage as she breathed forceful breaths through her nostrils. Powerful emotions clouded her easily influenced judgments, she knew this yet Tamor couldn’t allow him to get away with it. His speech had come at a price, his life. It was time to get serious Tamor thought as she removed her robes in a hurried fashion, which left her in just a white shirt, beige pants, and her always present Mage’s Hood. In a flash she became a blur filled with a mixture of anger and determinedness. The Necromancer had already predicted her path and twisted his body according to avoid the mass of golden energy that threatened him. His sword followed his twist in an outward horizontal motion; it sliced deep into Tamor’s leg as she had moved passed him. Blood soaked the tip of his bone blade, a maniacal laugh escaped from the deranged mage’s mouth. He taunted Tamor as she stood their checking her first injury it was needless to worry seeing as her magic had already ceased the blood flow and worked at closing the wound altogether. It was clear that this spell of hers wasn’t something the Necromancer had been expecting as he let out a string of ancient curses. Any worry his face had shown had soon faded, the dark mage had fought plenty of divine mages and they all perished beneath his godly might. The anger hadn’t eased up from Tamor’s mind as she launched herself forward for another set of attacks on the Necromancer. Her attacks were sloppy, there was brute force behind them but that was it. There wasn't any coordination or strategic thinking happening as Tamor raged on. Deflection was a skill that the Necromancer became well versed in he waited for openings in her attacks and then struck blows that cut far into the skin. Blood seeped into her vision, Tamor already seeing red carried on with her vendetta. The battle had become personal, it had become the Necromancer's playground in Tamor's mind. His twisted words fueled the rage that flickered inside her he had discovered her weakness and exploited it without hesitation, a devious man indeed. His voice penetrated the deepest layers of her psyche, his effect on an individual was astonishing. The words hadn't only affected Tamor's psyche but her magic that included the energy that surrounded her. Its shimmer became more similar to that of an electric current, which caused the effectiveness of her moves to lower as it shifted back and forth between the two states.

It didn't take long for the Necromancer to gather more bones from the various piles that littered the battlefield he was now being chased around. His newest trick had almost come to fruition, Tamor didn't even see the smirk that overcame his face, she was much too busy botching attacks. Her loss of breath was evident by the way her shoulders moved up and down rigorously every time she stopped in place. Closing her unfocused eyes in battle wasn’t a good plan but they burdened her like weights she couldn’t lift so she allowed them to rest momentarily. Immediately she felt something painfully bore itself her leg, her throat echoed this sentiment. With her eyes now wide open she noticed the thin, white barbs that were connected to a thicker central source, a bone, which was now partly buried in her flesh. They were identical to the ones the Necromancer now twirled in his hands with a sneer. Insistent pain throbbed in her leg, this was a noticeable difference between this attack and any other attack the dark mage had landed thus far. Swears trickled out of her mouth, trying to remove the source of pain resulted in bloody fingertips as she was pricked by the moving barbs. There was a slight vibration, a trick the other mage must have implemented in order to stop the healing process and prolong the agony. The knight with a sword would have to surgically remove it with under her strict direction unless he had prior experience in the medical field, which is most certainly doubted. Unfortunately what they lacked was alcohol to sterilize the warrior’s weapon before he cut into her flesh, but this was all assuming she would finish this battle alive. Pain had helped subside her anger, which brought her clearer thoughts back to the forefront of her mind once again. A scarcely scathed Necromancer beckoned more energy into his hands via incantations. The tongue he used was strange and made little sense to the divine mage. Its color was a blend of indigo and black, almost as black as his soul she imagined that was if he had retained his. The consequence of letting the spell come forth towards her was a fate that she didn’t wish to experience in this lifetime or the next. In a clear effort to distance herself from the enemy Tamor took a few willing steps backwards, just enough to give herself enough breathing room as she went through the thought process of her next move.

An increasingly foul smell came from the mass of energy that formed into maturation in the deadly hands of the dark mage. Decisiveness wasn’t her strong suit, as she knew at any moment the spell would need to be combated. It wouldn’t be an easy task especially since her energy had transformed into a form that she hadn’t previously tested out. An opportunity like this was the best instance for her to appease some of her curiosity but it was also threatening if somehow it tipped in his favor. Calmly she stood there a mere twenty feet away from the doom cloud that loomed in the Necromancer’s palms as his incantation came to an end. Energy no longer extended outside the amount that flowed over her body but instead what appeared to be zigzag lines. When she commanded it to all gather at her palms it created a massive sparking amount of energy that wasn’t easily contained. Luckily the Necromancer had released his spell into the battlefield, which allowed Tamor to do the same. She thought of the natural electrical element and eased into controlling it that way, the way Tella would do it. Her limited time of possessing this trait had worked mostly in her favor yet the spell still ate through her spell and embraced Tamor with a repulsive touch. Her organs seized up, her skin began peeling backwards turning black and brittle while some of it fell off into chunks. A classic rotting spell, her insides and outsides were gaining the appearances of festered wounds full of puss. This spell would be the ultimate undoing to any spell caster that hadn’t be knowledgeable in the arts of healing. Eislynn had been a supreme magician in the way she wielded the divine arts she was blessed with having and passed those skills onto her sole apprentice, Tamor. Overcoming the effects of the spell was relatively easy once she boosted the speed of her internal recovery spell. Like any fighter would have done Tamor was on top of the Necromancer’s movements before he had a chance to cast another spell. Her speed had been affected by the bone-barb stuck in her leg and the more she disregarded the pain the more it throbbed in response. Gifted in agility wasn’t only the younger mage but the elder as well; her golden blur was matched with a dark indigo one. The discharge of her energy sparks was the only weaponry she had at her disposal that slowed the actions of her opponent; its stunning effects were incredible. Overall damage had yet to be fully assessed as Tamor couldn’t handle a lot of it without explosive results. Tamor was uncertain; she didn’t want to dispose of him, but was there any other way to finish this battle? Tella wouldn’t approve of all this bloodshed yet would the rest of the Council of Nine? It was a tricky move, if she went behind Tella’s back the results wouldn’t be pretty. Perhaps if she received their blessings it would potentially outweigh the outrage of Tella.

Thoughts of the Gods and Goddesses soon vacated her mind as she collected the minimal thoughts on how to proceed with the battle at hand. She bled from the thigh leaving her pants ruined with bloodstains like the condition her shirt. Being on the offensive now was for the best option as she could do it at a further range now that she had Tella’s Bolts, the name she had given to this newly founded spell, at her bloodied fingertips. She released a wave of energy sparks at the man who was an opposition to her and the rest of the Knights of Ekilore, and watched as the spell sizzled and crackled his wardrobe and didn’t feel the least bit sorry from him. Preoccupied with the state of advancements of her powers she had failed to notice the distance that had shorten between the dueling foes. The frequency of her attacks had certainly showed in the Necromancer’s clothing and physical body. Bruises and scrapes were in a multitude of locations where the eye could see and even where it couldn’t see. Though, from his lack of grunts and explicit words one wouldn’t have known that he had suffered any blows. Her mind wandered back to her fellow companions she had hoped that any stray spell casting hadn’t done too much damage or been aimed near them and if so they were properly able to avoid them altogether. In a move that Tamor hadn’t been expecting the fearless, heartless and cruel man held his arms out to her as he took several bolds steps forward. Her guard lowered as the curiosity to what he had planned infiltrated her thoughts, did he truly believe this would end the battle? Before she had the chance to objectify to the grasp Tamor was in the Necromancer’s arm. A smug look graced his face, it was baneful in appearance but Tamor couldn’t see this and was stunned at the event-taking place. The villainous mage had opened his robes between he crossed the field yet what he had concealed underneath went unnoticed by the other mage. His own ribs had been disgustingly disfigured, they themselves protruded outside his skin. In their current position his risqué plan had gone off without a hitch, his lips moved silently as the embraced soon became uncomfortable with how tight the Necromancer was holding on. The malformed bones of his body penetrated Tamor with efficiency; she hadn’t a chance to pull away before they were all the way through. Their size grew as the muted words continued out of the Necromancer’s foul mouth, he had accomplished his fiendish trickery. The screams died in her throat as a hand wrapped around her mouth, and the Necromancer allowed himself to stare into her golden eyes reveling in the pain she was in. Fits of coughs led to the removal of his hands, which let the blood flow from her mouth freely. The jagged tips of the bone spears were painted red with the blood of his enemy. His face lit up as he threw himself into a fit of laughter, he had defeated the so-called Knights of Ekilore and thwarted any so-called threat. Gods never lost, and that was proven in this battle, but it was a shame that no one would ever know the exact details that took place down here unless he wrote it himself. Barely conscious Tamor laid limp on his broad shoulder, the shame and guilt washed over her. How had she let one of the most dangerous men she has ever met take her in his arms or come within five feet of her? Very much alike to the injury in her leg she felt a vibration in the six holes that pierced through her body just underneath her chest, three medium size holes on the left and right for a grand total of six. A twitch in her sore arms gave her the last shred of hope; if she gathered the energy it might be enough. He was too arrogant to believe that there was any hope of her surviving that attack. In the same fashion as the Necromancer her lips parted with no sound coming from them. It was a prayer, but not to one single deity but to the entire council. The Power of the Council Prayer was one of the most unified prayers that were in the religion. Energy sizzled to life under the strict commandment of the prayer, its bidding awoken a strength Tamor believed she lost as soon as the embrace began. Zapping energy struck the Necromancer and stunned him, which in turned stopped the vibrations of the bones. Instantly sealing the wounds and the bones in place. Unable to break away the Necromancer still tried to struggle; he couldn’t believe this was happening he had already won! Numb in feeling Tamor placed her palms on each side of the Necromancer’s head and brought herself to stare into his glowing eyes. The zigzagged energy grew in size until it was enough to cover her opponent’s entire body as well as hers. A breath was let out as Tamor put forth the remaining energy she had into one explosive gathering of golden energy bolts. His howling for mercy was soon stopped as the power had ripped through the Necromancer’s body with deadly results. The ceiling soon gave in and buried what was left of the sinister mage under several pounds of debris; his soul belonged in Infernum now with Dabel and Lilyth. Tamor stumbled, she fell backwards unsure of where her fellow journeymen were but also unsure of her own health. There she lay gasping for breath unable to move her lips in order to say the enchantments she needed to increase the healing process. Tamor felt angst as she verily believed that there would be tedious work involved into ridding herself of the lacerations the Necromancer had created on her as if she were his misguided muse gone wrong. Blood started to pool around her body soaking her backside yet Tamor lips formed into something she hadn’t done in awhile, a smile. In an unusual fashion she had conquered their first real enemy, but they would only get stronger and more difficult from here on out. For the first time since they had left Oculus Tower Tamor really felt as if she was a Knight of Ekilore.

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