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    So i saw a thread from a favorite pokemon from each type and I was wondering what is your least favorite from each type?

    Grass - Sunflora - even though people don't like the hoppip line. I for one think the sunflora line is the worst grass line imo.

    Fire - Slugma - I never liked this pokemon.

    water - surskit (however you spell it) - I just find it a bad typing and I never seen anybody even using it.

    electric - Stunfisk - ok this was a tough one. but design wise stunfisk takes the cake for worst electric pokemon.

    poison - gulpin - idk i just think this is a weaker version of grimer. and just like the surskit line I'd never seen anybody even use this pokemon

    Bug - ledyba - Ok design wise I like Ledian I think it looks pretty cool but ledyba I think it sucks. I know there is worse bug type pokemon but I just don't like ledyba.

    Ground - baltoy - I don't know why. I don't hate the claydol line. It's just least my least favorite ground type.

    Rock type - Geodude - Ok the reason why I don't like geodude. Is when I was playing Fire Red I ran into a shiny geodude at first i got the geodude to red health then he used magnitude on my pokemon then I threw an ultra ball. ( i already wasted my masterball on a zapdos) he broke free after two shakes and then he used self destruct. and the sad thing is that was the first shiny I ever ran into. and from that moment on have a hatred for geodude.

    Psychic type - gothitelle - don't hate it I just think the typing is wrong.

    Dark type - Poochyena I don't hate it its just there's way better dark types.

    Steel type - magnemite - not a bad pokemon just like Poochyena there is way better steel types.

    Fighting type - meditite - because almost every gym in gen 3 has this pokemon and i just don't like it.

    Normal type - Miltank - Bad memories thats why.

    Ice type - snover - didn't care for it.

    flying type - Farfetch'd - It's just terrible.

    dragon type - vibrava - i don't know it looks more a bug type than a dragon type.