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Most of the time I'm able to find almost anything either on eBay, Amazon, or some place on the internet, but there are a few games I've never been able to find. One of them was Melty Blood : Actress Again for the PS2. The only other games I can remember having trouble finding was the games in the Touhou series, which I inrecdibly want.

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You can cross out Rhythm Tengoku and Warioware Twisted (I'm in Europe) since I finally got them. The day, I will get them. One day! (Except for the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It'll never happen. ;___; )
Lol, I should mail you Chibi Robo. I see like 3 copies of that game for only a few dollars at Play & Trade (a used game store) every time I walk in XD
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