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I've been wanting to see some more New Pokémon ever since Xerneas and Yveltal got released, and I'm glad they don't disappoint. Although I'm indifferent about the lizzard (reminds me of Mawile, anyone?) I do love the Robin, Goat and Panda creatures. Specially the robin and the goat. :')

I also really like the design of the female Protagonist, and although the male one might seem a bit bland, I don't dislike it. I read somewhere in this thread that someone was afraid of loosing the protagonist feeling with full costumisations. I would like the briefly say that Fire Emblem:Awakening does a great job at giving that option without changing the protagonist's role. But the ones we see in the scan are, although limited, a nice start.

And I'm really happy that the Region will take place in France... In fact, it makes me even more happy to see something happening on what would be in our world (If I draw the borders correctly in my mind) Belgian Territory. 8) It's always nice to run around in your homeland in a fictional world, no? Does that mean that the Alps and Pyrenees have their Pokémon equivalent as well (judging by the brown colour on the left and right bottom of the region map)?

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