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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    Day 13 - A game not owned anymore, but still wish to play

    I used to own Spyro: Year of the Dragon for the Playstation. It was really fun, but unfotunately, It got split in two..
    That's tragic, but hilarious

    Day 12 - What video game-related merchandise do you own?

    Hmm, not much, other than the mushroom sticker (from the Super Mario Bros. franchise ofc), I just own a lot of posters. I have a World of Warcraft WOTLK poster, World of Warcraft Cataclysm poster, Starcraft 2 poster, Knights of the Old Republic poster, and finally a TF2 poster. :D
    I do own the Legend of Zelda special orchestra CD, and a nice Wiimote skin, from the collector's edition of the Skyward Sword, but I'm not sure if those count.
    I need to buy more video game merch :/

    I did almost buy a League of Legends T-Shirt d()d
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