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    Camillia Abbott -chapter 2 - End of battle


    "Poison? You fight dirty, girl," The Harbinger smiled as he slowly brought his arms up and Camillia's eyes widened. It's not in full affect yet she thought closing her eyes as The Harbinger went to strike but the sound of metal opening her eyes she saw Masato standing above her having blocked the strike before he attacked, kicking The Harbinger in the face and shoving him towards the balcony before sending The Harbinger over it.

    "I thank you for your assistance. You came at just the right time." he stood straight as best as he could and gave her a bow. "I am Masato Ryu. And you are...?"

    Camillia Abbott, I was sent as backup when your partner never showed she stood wincing slightly at the pain in her back and knee. I thank you for saving me, it seems for The Harbinger's I'll need to make a stronger poison

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