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On the whole issue of mods knowing h-staff discussions...I'm just going to echo Audy here and say, it's not their jobs. Yes, our mods are the workhorses of the staff team. Yes, we're very grateful for everything they do and we respect their input. And yes, PC couldn't exist without our mod team.

But the h-staff are the ones responsible for the management of the community as a whole. Mods are responsible for a specific/a few specific forums. Stuff like forum arrangement, new features, and the like, are the realm of the h-staff. Obviously, if we're making a decision that directly involves the way the mods do their job, then it's only common courtesy to get their input before going through with it. But if, for example, your forum gets moved to a different category, it doesn't affect your job in any way. And if there's a discussion about multi-forum or community-wide stuff, it's honestly not the realm of the mods. It's not that we don't respect our mods or value their contributions to PC, it's just not their job to be concerned with h-staff affairs.

There's already enough deliberation and red tape that goes along with HQ decisions - especially since we have such a big h-staff at this point. A lot of HQ discussions drag on for weeks before any action takes place. To delay stuff any more, especially for no reason other than "This is going to happen in 24 hours!", is just redundant and ineffectual use of time.
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