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Originally Posted by Geras32 View Post
Thinking realistically, I highly doubt a tentacle monster would have the intelligence to do those sorts of things. If they did though, I still don't think they'd even want to. A tentacle monster would probably only be interested other tentacle monsters of the opposite sex. If one encountered a human(oid) and assaulted it, the more likely scenario would be that it uses its tentacles to strangle them or break their limbs or something along those lines. Although, the danger could in fact make for some interesting scenarios.

If I misinterpreted that conversation, ignore that entire paragraph.
I agree with you, they wouldn't have the intelligence to do those types of things. However, there are two things to consider in a case such as this.

The first is whether they gain any positive sensation from their tentacles. If so, it's not unlikely that, if there were creatures with a similar trait around, they would adapt to have a positive mutual relationship, and thus it would be in their nature to do so, rather than a matter of intelligence. It could also be a way of asserting dominance over several areas and races of youkai. This is likely, as youkai, especially the weaker or less intelligent ones, tend to try to assert their dominance through some type of force rather than politics or tactics (some popular examples are orcs (intelligence) and fairies (strength)).

The second thing is that we must, of course, take suspension of disbelief into consideration. As Saph explained, the creatures that exist in the youkai realm are corrupted versions of animals from the human realm. What this means, essentially, is that logic will still exist, but it will be warped until it can have time to make sense of itself. Now, it's been a good while since the schism, so the ex-animals-now-youkai have probably had time to adapt to both their new environment and their new corrupted bodies...if they didn't die outright. However, it's because of these two factors (especially the youkai) that this suspension of disbelief exists, and that it's very possible that they could have those types of tendencies to humanoids, largely because of the variety at which youkai exist.

...It's nice to be able to discuss things like this on a serious level. A lot of times people will just take it to the gutter, but it makes for nice discussion.
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