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In my opinion, the Sinnoh starters are the best, with me liking the designs all three of them. All of their evolved forms are cool, and they all are very useful in-game, especially Infernape, which is my favorite of all the starters.

Below the Sinnoh region, my order goes:

Hoenn: This was the first Pokemon game I played, so I am naturally a little attached to these three. Again, all three have good designs, and can be used well in-game. Also, it has Mudkipz.

Kanto: This is above Unova mainly becase of Charizard, which is really cool, and to a lesser extent, Blastoise. Venesaur is meh, imo. Having a flying type starter with Charizard is useful though.

Unova: The only one that I like is Snivy and its evos, the other two I don't really like at all.

Johto: I don't really like any of these, especially Chikorita(worst starter, imo).
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