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Usually each gen there's one starter line I love, one I don't like and one I either like or am neutral towards.

If I had to rank the regions for their starters:

1. Hoenn (If only because Torchic is my absolute favourite starter plus I quite like the Treecko line too)
2. Kanto (Generally good all around, there isn't a starter I dislike)
3. Unova (Love the Oshawott family, like Snivy family and grew tolerant of Tepig family)
4. Sinnoh (Love Piplup family, neutral towards Turtwig family and don't like Chimchar family)
5. Johto (Only region where I don't love any of the starters, I picked Chikorita but I'm not as crazy about it as my other starter picks)

Won't include Kalos but it's looking promising at least. I like all three of their first forms.
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