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    Originally Posted by Rest View Post
    There was a discussion on NeoGAF about possible console-exclusive characters. I was against the whole idea at first, but a poster then talked about Sakurai possibly seperating clones into different consoles (for example, Toon Link in Wii U and Young Link in 3DS, or Ike in Wii U and Chrom in 3DS). Different characters, same movesets. That really piqued my interest somehow. What do you guys think about console-exclusive characters (and console exclusivity in general)? Yay or nay?
    Where's the source of Sakurai saying that? I wasn't able to find it on Smashboards regarding said source. As for the Toon Link example, Wouldn't it make sense to use "Link Between Worlds" Link for the 3DS rather than Young Link, seeing as that Link uses the same sound clips as Toon Link from the game?
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