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Holly Amarosa

Holly kept chasing Lumina until she eventually got to a dorm that looked like nobody had been in it for a while. "What's with this place?" she asked. She looked around and frowned. She must have went inside... she thought, feeling a shiver go down her spine. But how would she even open the door...? It's worth a shot... Holly whimpered and opened the door to the abandoned dorm, jumping when it squeaked. She stepped inside slowly and looked around. "Lumina?" she whispered. "Are you here?" The door slammed closed behind her, making her scream in surprise. "I wish that I had told Molly to come with me... I hope that she didn't get lost or anything..."

Kayla Makihatayama

Kayla stood up, still blushing. "T-Thank you..." she whispered. She looked down at the two Pokemon that had stayed with her and returned them to their Pokeballs. Kayla looked up at Shawn and Ace. "I guess we should go looking for the other two now..." she whispered, her face still a little bit red. She started to walk out of the cafeteria slowly, being careful not to trip over anything. That was so embarrassing! I can't believe that happened... I'm too clumsy...
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