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Well okey dokey then. :x May we consider such information as filler until we decide to write some of our own? I mean, for some of my Pokemon I've had things in mind, but have failed to actually write anything down, lol.

Like, for example, my flame Pegasus, which you dubbed Stalava, was meant to be a branched evolution of Ponyta (which I think I stated?), rather than being an evolution of Rapidash.

Oh, and finally, some information on the third water starter. I've been wondering since I joined this project why there were only two in the water starter's line, lol.

I also realized while looking through that that I need to draw the root forme for Maltone. It's meant to flip it's body, using the flowers to walk and having the roots in the air as appendages, and it gains a very . . . malicious expression and attitude when it does so, lol. Blossom forme has incredible healing capabilities, whereas Root forme has amazingly lethal venom that it attacks with. //just some information that I've had in my head since Maltone's conception, lol
A burdened heart sinks into the ground
A veil falls away without a sound
Not day nor night, wrong nor right
For truth and peace you fight
Sing with me a song of silence and blood
The rain falls, but can't wash away the mud
Within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride
Can no one hear my cry

Embrace the dark you call a home,
Gaze upon an empty, white throne
A legacy of lies,
A familiar disguise
Sing with me a song of conquest and fate
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone
In the white light, a hand reaches through
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
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Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone
Lost in thoughts all alone

In endless dreams, countless realms collide
Hope falls only to rise like the changing tide
But all dreams come to an end,
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Endless dawn came but not without a price,
Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone.
I think of you, all alone
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