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I've got into argument with one of my friends from Skype, who is anti-Ridley and believes in the "too big" reason, and no matter how much I counterargued his claims using some of the points Ridley supporters used to counteragrue the "too big" excuse, he's still not convinced. This is what he wrote for us Ridley supporters on why we're fighting for a lost cause:
Look, when you think about it, absolutely nobody playable in the World of Trophies has, as far as I see, been scaled down
Every character, minus Olimar (because they made him so), is proportionate to each other as far as I see it
Each character within a specific series is proportionate to each other as they are in their origin games, I'm sure
The reason Bowser works against Mario's scale is...well, just get to World 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. as Super Mario
And if they ever needed to, the characters were scaled up
I guess it's in the nature of these fictional trophies to be sized accordingly,
but I just have a hard time thinking that such a detailed and intricate Ridley model would be viable to theoretically mass produce to scale of the other fighters
unless the trophies themselves are somewhat large
So I guess that's where I go into my theory about JUST HOW LARGE EACH TROPHY IS
Each Trophy is sized about the same for the purposes of the collection in Brawl, sure
but in real life, would that really be a viable solution?
And if the fighters were always being taken out for play into a playset,
that would probably mean that the playset is either absurdly large (covering an entire bedroom) or the "trophies" are small figures like you would find in gashapon machines
Considering how detailed each character is, it's probably somewhere in between
Or, of course, it might be that you do indeed have space for that large Gerudo Valley playset
...oh, and don't even get me started on to the 3DS
if they manage to fit Ridley as a boss, good
but I don't see him being playable
not when the model would have to be as detailed as that of Pit's in Uprising
And it just wouldn't be worth it due to the small screen
And hey. Sakurai is not known for giving fans what they want 100%
remember why he said he'd be tweeting less?

Are all of our cries for Ridley in Smash Bros. in vain?
And Mercy too.
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