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    For the people joining just now here is where everyone is:
    1. Denny Anthony Rojas (Robin) - ShinyDiamond, and Patricia Paulina Louise Eier (Lucina) - PinkSapphire
      - Deep in the dungeon together searching for the boss room. Lucina currently has an idea of where it is and is leading a party (which also includes Godot and Shiren) there.
    2. Philippa Watson (Peperton) - Skymin, and Geoff Starke (Titan) - 雷影 イチロ
      - Also in the dungeon together searching for the boss room, currently battling a horde of monsters.
    3. Yuri Irving (Eclipse) - YellowGardevoir
      - After purchasing a unique sword with a quest-locked skill, he started wandering the first floor in search of that quest.
    4. Maria Renée (Princess) - ~Genevieve~, William Danielson (Godot) - machomuu, «試練-PATP001» (Shiren) - WolfOfEve, and Rikuto Yuuto Sato (Ryuusa) - Geras32
      - Princess was being attacked by two PKers and was saved by Godot. Godot was gravely injured and was healed by Shiren. Ryuusa was also called to help but arrived late. All are currently outside the dungeon.
    5. Khalil Withrow (Fester) / Kayla Williams (Kaylill) - Khawill
      -Both are travelling together and are currently searching for a lost little boy. They are also currently lost themselves.
    6. Mark Dillin (Nirvana) - Colony, and Emmanuel Marquez (Dotcom) - miltankRancher
      - In the middle of Nirvana's quest together battling a quest boss in a secret corridor in the dungeons.
    7. Uteki Kuraudo Hiiragiya (Suisei) - Dcjboi
      - Currently surrounded by a large wolf pack and battling them alone.
    8. Markus Steele (Gothax) - JNathan
      - Is currently in Ryuusa's shop.
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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