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I'm glad I got so many posts on this thread! :D

I get butterflies a lot. Like at Josh Hutchedson sometimes, maaaaaan, he can make me blush and scream!!! xD

Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
O07: *Looks at girl like Rozu describes*
Girl: Mark! Why do you keep looking at me?
O07: *Red faced* Ummmmm... because I like you, chicken noodle?
Girl: You're so weird Mark...


I used to get excited when my crushes or cute girls noticed me and smiled but since they were mostly pitying me or actually disliked me I stopped caring.
Haha! Sounds funny! No one I liked in the street talked to me or nothin', I've only gotten as far as a wave or brushing against them. But I am usually wearing a long-sleeved turtle neck so I can't feel them. xD

Note to Self: Wear singlet, even in winter, haha.
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