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I like the Skype Event type thing. I'd definitely be up for it, though perhaps we'd need to it happen at least two times in a 24 hour period? Seeing as not all of us are in the same hemisphere.

The category of "Battle" from last year's RPO was good, we should definitely do that again because it was the most RP-like. I just didn't like the whole "signing up with a partner" bit, mainly because I didn't really know that many people. I think it would be fun to just do random match ups (if that's what you want), gives you a chance to RP with someone you might not have before and see how well you play off each other.

I also like a continuation type thing, where a poster1/P1 would respond to a preset situation and then the next one (P2) who reply to it but also involving P1 posting as well, and so on. Except it would be a bit difficult because... well, you'd have to wait for the person before you to post to be able to make one. hmph.

I thought it was a bit weird that the creators of the RPO didn't even participate in their own event? I'm sure you weren't judging every category... seems a bit unnecessary and anti-social ;p.

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