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Yaaay, Snowdrop is back! :D

Username: AlexOzzyCake
Do you want to go by a nickname?: Ozzy!
Pick a partner Pokemon: Skitty, she's so cute eep
Pick your partner's nickname: Mittens :D
Your favorite real-life cat: Olli's cat
Your favorite cat Pokemon: Skitty! It's one of those Pokémon that no matter how you look at it or what it's doing, it's utterly adorable in every single way. I would love to have a pet Skitty just to watch it spin around in circles and be the cutest little ball of fluff. It's a shame that it doesn't become very strong since a beautifully elegant Pokémon like Delcatty would make an excellent partner, were it actually capable of battle haha.

Why do you think Nintendo made many cat Pokemon so awful to use in battle? Does it irritate you?
Purugly is terrifying :(
I think like Sophie said, it's mostly because cats are seen as being innocent/meek creatures with no real interest for fighting and no real fighting capabilities. They certainly aren't seen as the most powerful genus in the world and in a fight against most other animals I think they'd come off quite badly, but there's no reason Nintendo couldn't make a couple of really strong ones. I absolutely love how they made Liepard with his new tactics and using his feline nature as an advantage with his Prankster ability and his methods of skulking around the opponent's moves, but unfortunately it seems like most of the other cat Pokémon out there have been given the roll of below average Pokémon without a chance of succeeding. It's a big shame, but it doesn't stop their cuteness shining through!