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    What does America stand for?: America is a continent with 35 countries. But I'm guessing you are talking about the USA

    Is America a force for good or evil? I think it's a country with a lot of power, a lot of bad decisions. I don't believe it's a force of evil, nor a force of good. It's just another country.

    Does America have friends or enemies? What do friends/enemies think of America?: I think this question is very vague and I don't think it's politically accurate. I just think the USA messes too much with other countries.

    I have nothing much to say for I'm not that interested in USA, I've lived there and, just, wasn't for me. The amount of patriotism is just too much and I really dislike extremists that go all over the place with their "USA is the best country of the world and everyone else sucks". That's pretty much how I see USA, no offence.

    sorry about this, it's just really funny:
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