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Full name: Shion Hougi

Age: 15


Power in use
Her hair is still long, but it looks like ice. Her eye's change into an icy blue color.

History: Shion's family wasn't all 'gifted.' Her mother was an Ice controler and her father was normal. Shion has a 11 year old sister, who controls water, but she can't enroll yet. Shion's power was hard to control. She had to hide it from her father, and conceal it at her other schools. Shion's mom had total control over her power, and tried to teach Shion, who failed. Shion was used to change, because if she lost control at schools her family would move, and her school would change.

Shion's younger life was filled with hardships. Her family constantly on the move left her with no friends. Shion's sister was also a cause for all the moving. Shion had given up making friends and started to isolate herself from others. Shion was often all alone. Shion would come home and cry for hours, and then stay in her room. Shion is not very easy to become trusting of others.

Shion was happy when she became a part of the Gilded Halls. Shion knew the Gilded Halls were a perfect place to have friends. Shion was finally in a place she didn't have to hide, and the Gilded Halls became her home. Shion has been making preparations for the opening, and can't wait for her first day.

Ability name: Ice Control

Explanation:Shion can control ice, meaning that she can sculpt or launch ice. Shion carries a huge water satchel, which she use for the foundation of her ice. Shion can also forge weapons of ice, but this is very limited. She can make snow and never melt ice toys. Shion makes the ice bend to her will but this power also comes with limitations.

·She can only use it 3 times per day.
·She can only make Ice swords and daggers, but the sap all her energy and are sometimes very frail.

Room Number: 5


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