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Alright, so! Here's my SU -and- my very own posting format. It's not much, it's kinda ugly, but it's mine, and I'm fairly happy with it Though I won't say no thanks if someone decides to help me make a prettier one. In either case! If you need me to change anything, or want to start up some kind of interacting-plan with me at some point in the RP, lemme know! :3

Also, I kinda saw it was 'One Beege, several Beegees' <.<

Matthias Winston

Full name: Matthias Winston

Age: 17

Appearance: Matthias is an athleticly-built, young man, definitely not muscle-y and not in the most perfect shape ever, but he’s far from fat and he isn’t insanely thin either. His build would constitute as fairly normal, and he’s only ever so slightly shorter than the average guy, about a quarter of a head shorter than guys around his age.

His hair is a unique, dark-blue, bordering on black, which is cut fairly short and usually, the front of it has a bit of gel in it, and is pushed slightly upwards in small spikes, the remainder of his hair lying as flat as ever ( Example ). He often wears a T-shirt of varying colours (Though mostly a nice aquatic blue-green) and either a long-sleeved, button-up shirt in either red/blue and black, or an indoors-y, black jacket on top of it.

He also wears a pair of blue-ish jeans along with a pair of black shoes with lace. He has a couple of freckles along his cheeks, but seeming more like a remnant of his childhood than anything ‘new’, and there definitely aren’t a lot of them.

Matthias seems like a fairly carefree guy and often is seen with his hands in his pockets, though not really seeming lazy, as he can sometimes get rather excited or just generally active about something. As an example, if someone looked at him from across the hall, he’d rather smile at them as a show of friendly politeness, than ignore them and turn away.

History: Matthias was born in a big city in Denmark, of all places, in a happy little home with his mother, father and older sister. They lived a pretty calm life as any family would, up until Matthias turned 7. During one day of kindergarden (Which was, ironically, his last year there), another of the kids had stolen something of his and feigned he had no idea about it, which wasn’t that uncommon for kids, and Matthias had definitely been very angry or even hysterical before this point, but that day, the first incident happened.

The playroom of the kindergarden was nearly torn apart, but thankfully, the teachers managed to get the kids out of the room before anyone was hurt, and eventually calmed down Matthias. The teachers, rather than telling any kind of authority about it, went straight to his parents, who apologized profusely and pulled him out of the kindergarden and stopped their plans of having him go to school.

His parents being unsure of what was happening as well as worried at the fact that the government might try to take him away from them, or… something equally frightening happening, they kept him at home, and hired a teacher to come home-school him while they were looking into what was actually going on. They went to a couple of would-be psychics, a fortune teller, a psychologist and the like, trying to find out what was actually going on with their son.

Meanwhile, Matthias had slowly started to get used to being able to use his newfound power, though at first, it was very tough for him, but as he started growing older and expanding his knowledge, he began to have more control over his powers. Another incident occurred near his 10th birthday, and his family realized they wouldn’t be able to keep all of this a secret if they stayed living in the big city, so they took their stuff and moved to a smaller town out in the countryside, where Matthias could still get home schooling, and at the same time, focus on getting his ability under control.

Around his twelfth birthday, his parents had accepted that their son had a ‘gift’, and he was actively using it to help out his parents with various chores around the house, and they in turn, were teaching him to keep it hidden away from the sights of the neighbours and the friends he’d made where they lived. They had also figured out that anger was the trigger to unleashing his full potential in a chaotic, uncontrolled way, so they spent the next couple of years finding ways to help him relax and for people to teach him to calm down and be less… aggressive, basically.

All in all, Matthias has led a nice, if slightly chaotic life, and thanks to his parents, he’s been given a good insight into his abilities and has great respect for his parents and sister who’s helped him through the harder times during his growing up, and as such, he does everything he can to not have another ‘incident’. Recently, his parents received the letter and after a lot of debating and agreeing that he had his abilities under control, they sent him off to this new school, Matthias excited to start his new life, finally outside of his home’s confinements.

Ability name: Tele/Psychokinesis

Explanation: The easiest way to describe Matthias’ ability is that he’s able to manipulate and move things with his mind. His ability doesn’t mean he has to mentally grab something to move it however, as he can merely choose to push, pull or hold something in place if he so desired. This ability would also, with practice, allow him to perform more advanced telekinetic acts, such as moving specific parts of things, making an item ‘explode’, or rather tear its lesser components apart from the inside, or the like. Though he’s clearly not skilled enough to do so yet.

  • Matthias is not able to move people or most living things yet.

  • If he uses his ability too much or for too long at a time, he starts getting a headache, which gets progressively worse.
  • There is no set limit on the amount of things or the weight of things he’s manipulating, but the longer, the more and the heavier items he manipulates, the harder it’s going to be for him, and the quicker the headache.
  • If he becomes absolutely furious, he loses control of his ability which runs amok until he calms down, or if the headache from abusing his powers becomes too great knocks him out.

Room Number: 3 (Unless Woolie has a problem with it :3 )
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