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    The Sky is the Limit
    The Flying Type Fan Club!

    Do you love Flying type Pokemon? Would you like to fly high in the skies with your favorite winged partner? Do you just want to fanboy or fangirl about your adoration for flying Pokemon? If so, this is the place for you! Here you can discuss anything and everything Flying typed related and even have your own winged partner!


    • jellicentfan1(jelli) (Buzz)
    • CloysterOyster
    • -Ahsan- (SkyKing)
    • Pokeuser7878 (Matt) (Chop Sticks)
    • Hikari10(Hikari)
    • Narnia

    A must have for a club to be successful!

    1. Follow all of PC's rules. (you should know this!)
    2. Be respectful.
    3. No trolling or harassing the other members.
    4. Try to stay somewhat active.
    5. Keep the topics about Flying Typed Pokemon.
    6. You may select one partner Pokemon and if you decide to change it shoot me a PM!
    7. And most importantly have fun! :D

    Flying typed Pokemon~
    Here are the Pokemon that are of the Flying type! We will be discussing these little guys and this is the list you must choose your partner from!

    Sign Up Form~

    Username(nickname if you wish): jellicentfan1(jelli)
    Partner Pokemon: Yanmega
    Partner's Nickname(optional): Buzz
    Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why:
    Least Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why:
    Answer to one of the current topics:

    Current Topic(s)~

    • Why do you think Game Freak waited until Gen 5 to make a pure Flying typed Pokemon?
    • Are there any Pokemon that you feel should be Flying typed but aren't?
    • What Flying type Pokemon are you most excited about taking into Sky-Battles in the upcoming X&Y versions?

    Credit for background design goes to RedemptionDesign!


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