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Updated the OP with everyone!

Matt really cool partner you picked there! Archeops is one of my favorite Pokemon to use because of it's pure power and speed which can easily take down most unprepared teams. It's only problem is its awful ability, but I guess it would be overpowered with out it. As for your favorite mon, Gyarados is certainly an interesting pick, but a really cool and strong mon! Out of curiosity though, do you think it should be flying type? Because most people think it should be water/dragon instead!

Hikari, I knew you would pick a gen 5 Pokemon as your partner! Emolga is adorable and one of the most unique Pokemon. A FLYING SQUIRREL IS AWESOME! You also listed quite a big list of favorites but I like all of the ones you listed! And I'd agree that the Kami legends aren't the best because they are very ugly, however they are great in battle and I always find myself using them! Do you prefer the Incarnate or Therian formes if you had to pick?

HI SOPHIE!! Skarmory is one of my favorite Flying types as well because it is a pure wall. It can take physical hits better than most pokemon and is so great in competitive. It is also cute as well! All of your favorites are adorable especially Drifloon because <333333333333333333333333 So CUTE! As for Tropius, when I first saw it I never would have guessed it was flying type! Did you?


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