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Originally Posted by MagikarpIs$parta View Post
Username(nickname if you wish): MagikarpIs$parta (Karpy)

Partner Pokemon: Honchkrow

Partner's Nickname(optional): HeadHonchkrow

Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: Personally my absolute favorites HAVE to be Honchkrow and Gliscor because Honchkrow fits my background in real life and Gliscor is great all around; in both appearence and competition.

Least Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: Personally my least favorite is Drifblim because it just looks...well...awful. \(._.)/

Answer to one of the current topics: The 2 Pokemon I'm looking forward to taking into Sky Battles are Hydriegon and...Pikachu. ._.
Welcome! I've always loved Honchkrow as well. Quite badass in my eyes, it looks like the big cheese of Pokemon if you know what I mean. I've also always found its abilities really fun to use, Moxie and Prankster, what more could you want? I like Gliscor quite a bit as well, a dracula-like bat with a great appearance and all sorts of methods for battling. Oh balloon Pikachu. That'd be pretty cool to see in a Sky Battle, gotta say. Any flying things in there would be badass though to be honest.

Also to answer Jelli's question, I kind of suspected it to be flying? I thought it was Grass/Dragon at first to be completely honest. I've always considered dragons, Pokemon that are simply too powerful to be put into another typing and have this beastly look to them. I guess dinosaurs were in my books of what classified as a dragon too, at the time. I did kind of also suspect flying though, it had these wing-like things, so it was just a suspicion. Tropius is still cool though, no matter what type it is. <3;