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Name: Lerion Jonathan Volran

Nickname: He has none yet

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Species: Lycan

Appearance: In his Youkai form Lerian is a large white wolf with small patches of a cream like color dotting his fur, he has over-long claws and slightly larger than average fangs. What stands out most about him for a wolf in both forms are his eyes. He is heterochromic with his left eye being icy blue with flecks of ruby and his right eye being multiple different shades of green like his forest home, and with flecks of gold.

In his human form his hair is a bright golden blonde, since white hair on a human would stand out, and his skin is fairly pail due to the fact that not much sun got through his thick fur and it was white to begin with. He is 6'6 although he is not done growing yet, his family is known for growing their whole lives. Lerion's musculature reflects his earlier life as a wolf, he is long and lithe, with compact but powerful and noticeable muscles. He has a face considered handsome by most with a slightly longer than average nose, no freckles and a chiseled chin. He doesn't care much for fashion and thus never wears anything other than a standard boys' uniform. Although he always stays in his human form he can't really keep what he is a secret as now he always has large white wolf's ears protruding from the top of his head, his canines have always been sharper and longer than normal but he could get people to ignore that before his ears refused to go away.

Personality: Lerion is shy and reserved to say the least. He is very friendly and generous but he has a hard time bringing himself to say anything to people he is not familiar with more so than manners or rules demand. He loves physical activity as a left over wolf aspect, but for the most part is actually quite lazy and his family used to tease him of being like a cat. He never minded the teasing very much as he actually likes cats, he's never really understood why. Lerion has no romantic drive to note of, he has a sexual one of course but he tends to ignore it. He has a habit of trying to avoid girls when he can because having originally been a wolf in the first place, he carries around the slightly intoxicating scent of his once-upon-a-time forest home and human women used to follow him around all the time back when he lived in their world, the smell is quite displeasing to the noses of males with strong sense of smell, but pleasing to women of all kinds and addictive specifically to humans.
If it came down to it he's a great smooth talker but he mostly just has no romantic interest in them so he tends to compliment women on their positive traits on a regular basis with no follow-up and expecting no more than acknowledgement of what he said. Lerion doesn't understand his fellow monsters' prejudice against humans thanks to his experiences, if anything he feels they should be respected considering they've managed to survive all this time with nature being so much less kind to them than monsters. Despite his usual kindness and shyness he doesn't appreciate boasting and blows off anyone who sounds to him like they're bragging.
His voice is not particularly deep, still boyish but rumbling, his voice tends to bring out emotions for people because it is almost as if one can HEAR the forest in the background of his speech. Beneath his musk he smells much like a human, increasing as he becomes a little more human every day, but only someone with a really strong nose could notice.

History: Lerion grew up the first 10 years of his life in a large forest not knowing what he was, although Lycan's quite often don't inherit their human half and just develop it at one point or another Lerion's parents were actually Lycan's as well. His parents had long ago decided to abandon their human side and live as wolves, teaching him to hunt and coexist with the pact and hoping he'd live that way his whole life. It simply was not meant to be, in his 4th year of life Lerion began to have misgivings, he felt guilty about the other animals they killed for food, and how they bullied any other wolf packs away so aggressively. He understood that it was the natural order but...not only was their back larger than others, he and his parents specifically were so much bigger and stronger than any other wolves he had seen, it didn't feel fair.

Although his misgivings bothered his parents they wanted their flesh and blood to be happy so for a long time they tried to convince the rest of the pack that he had the spirit of a wolf and deserved a place among them. He was able to coast by for a few more years until a human wandered into their forest, she was there to study a rare breed of wolf she had heard about that were known for being much larger and more intelligent than normal. Sometimes she would go to a spot where there was a big stump and no other trees around for a good distance and just sing to herself. It was one such day that Lerion realized just why he didn't fit in with the rest of the pack. He was wandering alone since it was no fun spending time with the rest of the pack, and he heard a strange, yet beautiful and entrancing sound and followed it before stumbling upon the woman. He froze when he saw her, but she wasn't surprised, she new wolves were weary of humans and merely watched him until his curiosity got the better of him and he approached her.

Lerion continued to go to the stump to see the woman every couple of days, nobody ever intruded because the rest of the pack had no desire to be around him unless it was time to hunt. He would listen to her sing, and sometimes play some sort of instrument that moved air through holes to make sounds he loved even more than her voice. For some reason the woman always spoke to him, even though he didn't understand what she was saying, but he understood the warmth in her voice, and he listened intently. Eventually he began to understand the various nuances of human speak, and one day she was surprised when in the middle of one of songs she heard an ominous voice with tinges of the forest in it. Who are you? Why are you here? She looked around until she finally realized nobody but the wolf was there. "Is that you? Do you understand me?" Yes...what are you? And why do you come here? Others are afraid of us.

The woman did not take too long to adjust to Lerion communicating with her, she always had the feeling there was something special about him. He began to learn about humans and how they were more like wolves than any other animal he had seen, they lived in packs and worked together as well, but they sounded kinder and more adaptable than wolves, he liked it. To Lerion's great delight one day she told him of her instrument, it was a flute, not just any flute but a special one carved from ivory and with wood from an ancient tree transfused somehow into the ivory, the very tree the stump was originally from, and that was why this was the place she always came to within the forest. She told him the flute had the ability to reveal the truth, he never understood what that meant but he was fascinated nonetheless. Understanding was not too long coming as one day when Lerion sat listening to the lilting melodies of the woman's flute he felt a strange sensation and found he was standing on two legs, after only a short moment he lost his balance and fell down. The woman let out a small shriek, both at the transformation and his naked body. "What's happening? I don't understand!" He froze and smiled when he realized the words had come from his own mouth. "I-I can speak! This is wonderful!"

His joy was to be short lived however. With his human ears his hearing had been dulled and he didn't notice his parents letting out a hunting call for the rest of the pack and they came looking for him. Some other members of the pack found them, they recognized him by his scent and were appalled that he was spending time with a human, they proceeded to tear the woman apart right in front of him. In a blind fury Lerion fought and killed the 3 wolves who had mauled the woman. He was so horrified, both at what had happened to the woman and what he had done to his fellow pack members...his kin. He took the flute and ran, knowing he could not go back to the pack, not even to explain to his parents what had happened.

Lerion ended up stumbling upon a small town and one family in particular. Suffice it to say the family was extremely surprised to see a 10 year old boy with the physique of a 17 year old body-builder walking around in his birthday suit. But they were kind people and adopted him since he didn't seem to understand the world well enough to survive on his own. He lived a happy life for another 6 years with the nice couple and their 3 children until the later stages of puberty hit him full force. The first way things got more difficult was that Lerion found he couldn't get girls at his school to leave him alone, he had always felt uncomfortable around human girls, they reminded him of the woman with the flute, and all of a sudden they were obsessed with him. He became more of a loner for the sake of avoiding the girls...but he missed companionship, so he took up playing the flute when he was alone, it's sounds relaxed him and made him feel less alone, they even made him feel the essence of the forest flow through him once again.

Things were okay for a while, until one day Lerion's scalp felt extremely itchy out of nowhere, he was worried he was getting dandruff but when he felt the top of his head his hands touched big, furry, wolf's ears. He thought about running back to his family and trying to explain, but he was too scared, it was happening again, he was going to be a hated outsider! For the second time in his life he fled his home and wandered on the fringes of society, working part time jobs with an over-sized fedora on to hide his ears and never staying in one place too long. Eventually when he was walking down a road he stopped to peer at the sunset over the ocean at a nearby beach. He was awed by such a beautiful sight, and when he finally turned around he was too entranced to notice the little ripple of the air in front of him and walked right into a tear in the two worlds. After what seemed like minutes of nothing but a white light Lerion found himself in front of a large school, and a man in a strange cloak with scary eyes spoke to him.

"Oh look at that, another one! Don't worry boy, I've been watching you and I think you're going to fit in just fine, welcome to Youkai academy, your a little late to register properly but I think we can squeeze you in." Before Lerion could ask the man who he was or what he meant the guy turned around and practically disappeared in the crowd. Youkai...doesn't that mean monster or something...this is a school for people like me? I won't be a freak anymore? YES! He was so excited he ran straight to the main office to find out what he needed to do to become a part of such a wonderful place, he thought he'd finally have an easy life, he was oh so very far from wrong but it wouldn't be all bad.

Weakness: His telekinetic powers are quite weak, he excels much more at telepathy which doesn't have much practical application. And if he hear's beautiful music it takes him away to a corner of his mind and makes him much less receptive to reality, unless he's the one singing/playing. He gets nervous around girls unless they anger him or he already knows them.

Other: I didn't mention it in the personality section, but if you pay attention to the history there's another quite obvious reason he tries not to think about girls much.

Code: Mango Strawberry.

(There we go! Hope it's good =P)

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