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    I always hung out with her, and was starting to not be around my other guy friends, and they were starting to get sick of me. So I hung out with her even more, feeling unwanted in that group so she was feeling guilty thinking she caused it, and tried ending it the first time, I convinced her and she agreed it was a bad idea and so she was glad she didn't, but I guess it got worst, I guess I was clingy and 'whipped', she wanted to just be with her friends sometimes, I know see how I was and wish I could have changed that. I also got jealous pretty easily.. But hey, her old tuning buddy always tries hitting on her and she sometimes goes along with it or the guys that like her, and sometimes she gets a bit carried away with conversations.. But it was harmless, and I just got jealous easily.. yeah, she then just didn't want a relationship anymore, and said 'we can still be bestfriends, like how we used to be!' but now wants me to stay away from her and has three new guy best friends, and one she obviously likes and will date soon, and it's only been a month since she told me 'I don't like anyone and I just don't want to be in a relationship for awhile', and now I'm getting all upset and angry and I'm gonna stop because it still crushes me just thinking about her. Eh.
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