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Well, depends on what you want to get out of college…

If you just go to college to get a degree in Being Smart, then it's probably not worth it.

Also, if you're not Asian, this probably won't apply too much, but going to college just to be a doctor or lawyer isn't really worth it (well, unless you want to be a lawyer or doctor, but you know, for the most part parents). If you really want to be successful, go do something you love rather than have a cash cow and hate it, or even ambivalent about. I'm really saddened by all the parents who have "planned out" their kids' lives…though I have no right to judge, it just makes me kinda sad inside :(

for me I'm good with just education and not having anyone give me a degree over it, so if I can learn stuff without college, I don't really need college. Depends on how "readily available" education in the field you want to be in is.
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