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    There are those among the world with both the knowledge and ability to use their bodies energy, Ki. These individuals hold an affinity for battle, and are drawn to it, to better themselves. No better way to know that your alive then through the art of combat.

    Along with the unsationable thirst for battle, there is also knowledge of several magical orbs, that when brought together can summon the Eternal Dragon. A being with the ability to grant wishes to the one who calls upon it. This has thrown the world into chaos many times, as it's not just a planitary goal, but in fact universal. Many powerful and evil alien species have ventured to the small planet of Earth for Eons in search of these wish fulfilling orbs. And thus the Z-warriors were formed.

    A small group of Earthbound fighters, with an unusually high grasp of Ki, dedicated their lives to protecting the planet. The most famous of which, Son Goku, has long since passed away. Yet hope was not lost for Earth. As the Z-warriors maintianed their conviction, training pupils, be it descendants or chosen, for generations to uphold their duty of planitary, universal, and even other dimentionally protection.

    It was eventually learned that the overuse of the Dragonballs broke down the foundation of the planet. Making them dangerous to use. Yet even granted with this intel there are those in which greed overtakes. With the promise of a fulfilled wish it's impossible to deny the power of the Dragonballs, and the want of them.

    It was because of this that the Z-warriors long ago have decided to separate the Dragonballs amongst eachother, in order to prevent the misuse of their mystic power. Consisting of seven members (Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Tein, Yamcha, Piccolo, Dende) one for each Dragonball, for generations the families/chosen of those individuals have upheld their duty.


    You will be one of the seven, chosen as a new Z-warriors to protect one of the Dragonballs. Keep in mind that this is generations ahead of even the GT Saga so there isn't many Cannon characters. The chosen of Piccolo and Dende are the only ones who's Cannon "Masters" are still living. Dende is somewhere between Piccolo and Kami's age closer to Piccolo, so that gives a reference. All of our characters are going to be pretty even in skill, perhaps just in seperate areas of it. Such as Ki Control, Brute Strength, Speed, Intellegence, ect. So just because your a decendent of Yamcha or Krillin doesn't neccessarily mean that your going to be totally outclassed by Vegeta or Piccolo.


    1: Follow those of the site, obviously.
    2: No heavy romance, if any at all
    3: Keep profanity limited, again if at all.
    4: Characters are not OP. Roughly, they'll be as strong as the beginning of the Freiza Saga.
    5: Allowed to make up original moves, but have to be reasonable.
    6: All conflicts will be settled with either GM, Sheraku or Heretostay123
    7. You may reserve an untaken character. Reservations last for 2 days.
    8: Have fun!


    Available Characters

    Yajirobe- 1 Star Ball: Machomuu- Sadj
    Krillin- 2 Star Ball: Lord Sephear- Bishop Geralds
    Piccolo- 3 Star Ball:
    Goku- 4 Star Ball: heretostay123- Gojude
    Tien- 5 Star Ball:
    Vegeta- 6 Star Ball: Sheraku- Ayo-Vix Briefs
    Yamcha- 7 Star Ball: JNathan- Aciano Nakamura

    Reservations Pending



    Age: (Self Explanatory)
    Personailty: (At least a good paragraph)
    History/Training: (A good paragraph again)
    Appearance: (Again, a good paragraph)
    Techniques (Start with no more than 3 and a "Signature")

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