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    Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
    That is a very good reason, but you aren't going to get a degree just to move out of your country, it's more of a bonus than anything, the main reason people go to university is because they want to move onto highly academic fields. Which you need to be interested in and committed to. I'm not much of an academic and am not interested in being a rocket scientist or anything, so I won't go to a university. For the majority like me I think high school and tertiary education like TAFE can get some really decent qualifications for jobs more skilled than being the frier cleaner at McDonalds.

    I'm looking at an aviation theory course for TAFE which could be upgraded with numerous follow up courses to get a high skilled position such as Air Traffic Controller as mentioned above. This is free if you're a government student and a lot less expensive than university, I'd still have to work hard and study of course. Or the military is another good option for high quality on the job training, I'd argue that unless you really want to be a doctor, scientist, teacher or genius and not because it's for your asian parents, then only people that want professions like those should go to uni. The rest of us can be happy with technical trade schools, other tertiary courses etc.
    True, I just mean if it's a dream of someone's to let's say.. move to NZ or Australia from the USA, college just might be a stepping stone to make that dream more of a reality. There are other options you can take like student visas or working visas but it's all super complicated as well ad gets into a lot of legal stuff. Still, the option is there.

    And really, I heard that colleges are better at training nurses than university, at times. That's cause the college will often focus on the practice of it rather than so much on the theory like a university would.
    And "genius" can't really be defined so easily. If you want to be a concept-art genius, you go to college, not to uni. In uni you will be learning generally more through text than through hands-on training, which is what a college generally tends to be more focused on. Of course this also depends on the individual school to school basis, and the teachers and curriculum, but I'm just saying this is what I have found to be a general trend.

    People who go to college are not any more or less stupid than those who go to university- it all depends on what your want to invest your time and money in learning to decide which of the two will benefit you more, if you decide to even choose either.
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