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Niccolo Robinson, Lead Vocals of "We Make Our Own Music"


Age: 20 years old
Gender: Male
Home: College Dormitory.

Occupation: Niccolo is a graduating student from the University of Fromville, taking up an undergraduate bachelor course in Mechanical Engineering. Also, he works part time as a rock 'n roll band vocalist.

Starting Power: Pyrokinesis. Niccolo can control fire at will to a limited degree. He can control it from almost any source: campfires, matchsticks, ovens. He uses it for a variety, also unpractical, reasons, but mostly for showing-off. However, Niccolo cannot summon a huge fire at will. At the very least, Niccolo can summon the a small flame akin to a candle. Also, he must see the flame for him to be able to control it. Since fire is a tricky element, Niccolo needs a vast amount of concentration, a requirement that Niccolo will find hard to maintain. He is also not immune to severe burns. He might feel his finger getting a little hot when he summons fire but the heat is too negligible to cause a burn.

Appearance: Niccolo is a relatively tall guy standing at a height of five-foot-ten, almost an inch taller than most of his peers. He wears a jet-black hair that is cut short to keep it neat and clean-looking. He prefers to use little to none product in his hair, although he frequently combs it. His eyes are of the same color of his hair, although just a shade lower, bordering on grayish-black. His thin mouth curves ever so slightly, a smile frequently seen with those movie villains. Niccolo could certainly be called good-looking and many females around him tend to get attracted to him.

For his clothing, he prefers wearing a formal suit especially when going to class. He is usually seen wearing a brown coat, usually slung on his shoulders and a white long-sleeved polo. He hates wearing jumpers although he has a pair if he needs to. He also ties a red tie around his neck.

Personality: Niccolo Robinson, despite looking like a serious guy with his looks and style of clothing, is a child trapped in adult's body. It is pretty hard to connect how he look like (looking all high and all that jazz) to his personality. If you could know Niccolo more, you would notice that he is in fact a fun-loving guy with childish antics. However, despite of all his actions, he wanted to be acknowledged as a fully-grown adult. He is a generally good guy, especially around people his age, and people loved him for this. He could be considered as one of the funniest and happiest guys you will ever meet, barring the few attempts to be serious (and therefore, adult) at times.

He is also a lover of music. Rock 'n roll is his genre and Elvis Presley is his hero. He was brought up loving the genre and this inspired him to start his own band, "We Make Our Own Music." When it comes to his band, and rock 'n roll, Niccolo is pretty passionate. He is always inspired to write his own songs and always have a generally fun time while doing it. He's not too shy when ask to burst out a few verse of the current song he is working on.

However, he is not really the ‘stick-to-your-decision’ type of guy. Niccolo could be really unpredictable. One moment he may like this, the other moment, not. Niccolo is not dependable to stay firm on his choices. He is also easily to back out on decisions.

History: Niccolo Robinson hailed from the city of Memphis. Ever since he was young, he grew up under the watch of his parents. He went on several therapy when he was a kid, a desperate attempt of his parents to 'cure' his ADHD disorder, but it never actually came into success. Niccolo just learned how to live with it. His disorder became a major reason why he was bullied when he was a small kid in pre-school. When he went to high school, however, he already managed to conceal his ADHD. By not actually concentrating on anything at all, his disorder will not kick in and boom. Hidden. This was also the time he developed his love for music.

Before he became a musician, Niccolo was a poet. He would write out quick four-liners every time a good rhyme comes inside his head. He started transforming his poems into song when his buddy, Gerald Formal, asked permission to try and incorporate a tune into his poems. It went better than expected as Niccolo discovered he could decently sing. Afterwards, Niccolo and Gerald managed to round three more people, all musically inclined, and their band "We Make Our Own Music" started, with Niccolo as the lead vocalist and Gerald on lead guitars. Nowadays, their band does some gig from time to time.

Other: Niccolo Robinson is an ADHD guy and it is hard for him to concentrate on a single thing for a longer time, except for his writing. His disorder even makes studying hard for Niccolo, but he manages to make through.

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