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    Originally Posted by Seattle View Post
    If you always want the newest Android OS on your device you should get a Nexus, since you can always update Nexus phones and tablets to the newest version.

    I have a Galaxy Note II right now but I've just misused it too much (it has a lot of scratches from putting it in the pocket). I'll get a newer phone, though I haven't really decided which one to get (Possibly Nexus 5 if's ever announced), and give my "older" Note II to my mom because she doesn't care about the latest tech or how the system looks. She still has a Cingular (And yes, you did not misread that) phone from 2005.
    Oh, I know about the Nexus devices. I have the OG Nexus 7 myself actually. I'm jelly over the 2013 Nexus 7 actually! That thing is a monster.
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