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Here's a pair I wanted to show off:
#337 Lunatone ♁ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Relaxed - Levitate - 30/23/30/23/31/31 - Untrained
HP: Ice / 70
Harden - Confusion - Rock Throw - Moonlight

#338 Solrock ♁ (level 10)
OT: RINGO ♂ (White, 10056/48007)
Lonely - Levitate - 30/30/31/31/31/31 - Untrained
HP: Dragon / 70
Harden - Confusion - Rock Throw - Morning Sun

The challenge I set for myself was to RNG these each to be on Solstice. The Lunatone has a caught date of Dec 21, 2013, and the Solrock has a caught date of June 21, 2013. Also, catching these both on opposite games (Note, Solrock on my White, and Lunatone on my Black). I kind of wish a little in hindsight that I had caught the Solrock with a HP of Fire instead of Dragon. When looking for a spread I liked for some reason Dragon felt right and thematic, but later I kind of wished I had gone for Fire instead. Regardless, I am proud of my work on this little duo.

Too many other recent RNG's to share. Entre link abuse on B/W is sure keeping me busy.

Question too:
Is it possible to RNG a Wurmple on B/W out of the entrelink and predict what it will be once evolved? Or is the C-Gear going to prevent that? Same question... Is that perhaps possible in B2/W2? Or should if I want it's evolutionary lineswith dream world ability will I need to just breed one and forget about getting the pretty dream balls?
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