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    Someone translated it to this:
    "Meaning that the scoop of the century is to be released, it will include new evolved Pokemon, more version exclusive Pokemon and loads of new Kalos Pokemon!"

    I will search for other interpretations, but honestly, I really expected and wanted that version exclusive content pronto, so I would be happy if this were the accurate translation.

    And another one, "The official Corocoro website updated earlier today and has revealed that the August issue will reveal more version exclusive Pokemon, new Pokemon evolutions and even more new Pokemon from the Kalos region!"

    Oh yeah, so it looks like scoop equates to quantity rather than a dramatic change in game mechanics. Though, we could expect some new features as well along with characters. For me, I am fine with evo's and exclusive content.

    The leak could come at any time now! SO EXCITED!
    #Team Popplio & Brionne