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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Are you talking about as a Hidden Ability or main ability? Eevee Evolutions only get 1 Main Ability and we know that to be Cute Charm now. Which is really funny because it practically destroyed any real competitive use for Sylveon. She'd still be used, but nearly as much since she can't really defend herself. Switching in against an opposite gendered Pokemon could help, but the other Eevee Evolutions have better abilities.

Hidden wise, I dunno I feel as if they'd still shaft her horribly and give her another completely useless attack.

Eeveelutions always tend to get one main ability, and also one hidden ability starting from 5th Gen. I know Cute Charm means Sylveon will be slightly useless in the higher tiers in the competitive metagame, since the ability itself is reliant on luck and the opponent needing to be an opposite gender, but Sylveon still gets overshadowed by the slightly better abilities the other Eeveelutions have (I'm looking at you, Magic Bounce Espeon) but let's hope it gets a usable hidden ability.


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