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Allister Curtis

Allister hadn't noticed Cheryll entering the room due to his absorption in the texts before him and his determination to be able to defeat the woman who had beat him only a few hours earlier. He was shook when the shaky and quiet voice of his friend sounded in his ear however
"y-your...your not going to stop being my friend...are you?"

Allister was taken back by the sudden question but didn't have to even think before he responded to Cheryll
"Of course not. Why would I? After all, you're one of the few decent people I have actually met in this ridiculous school - I'd like to keep you around." Allister had never been the best in situations like the one he was in with Cheryll, probably because he usually tried to not get involved with people, so he was completely unsure of how to comfort his friend. Uncertainly he rose from his chair and hugged Cheryll, before he quickly released the embrace and returned to his chair.

Rubbing his head he looked at her
"I don't suppose Gavin's... issue, is what brought this on? What kind of ridiculous spell did he attempt in order to cop backlash like that?" he continued to think before adding in a lighter tone "Uh... you're okay aren't you?"


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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