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    Kakusu - ???

    Water splashed in his face with such intensity, pushing him off balance and rendering him unconscious. He felt his grip on reality fade as he plummeted towards the ground. Everything aside from himself was still and silent. He didn't know if he was dying or not, but it he was now trembling with fear. He was losing his composure and he was lost, reaching out towards someone to help him to his feet as his entire body went numb.

    Instead of hitting a hard ground, Kakusu felt water splash around him as he felt himself being weighed down by an invisible force, deeper into the water until he was disoriented, not knowing which way was up. The force was gone and he panicked, reaching out for someone to help him. Weak and too shocked to help himself, Kakusu sank. He couldn't rely on his own strength nor anyone else. Higoroshi wasn't there for him. He closed his eyes and saw the gray symbol, which was once on his face and opened them to see nothing. It was hopeless... he would be dead soon. How did he end up here? Why wouldn't anyone help him?

    These questions went unanswered as Kakusu wasn't even able to vocalize them. He closed his eyes again to see nothing, but the same abyss he would see if he opened his eyes and accepted his destiny.

    He was not the master of his own fate...


    Kakusu knew he should have been dead by now. Something was wrong, but he didn't know what. His lungs weren't burning like he knew they should have felt and he was almost in a tranquil state.

    He was slipping away, that's what it felt like, life was leaving him, but he wasn't afraid; then he remembered: "There was something I was meant to do; somewhere I was meant to be."

    Something told him to try to swim up and as he clenched his fist, he felt an intense pain in his stomach.

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