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    Haste makes waste. In this case it shows through as disarray within your argument.
    Please allow me to direct your attention to the part of my statement that you seem to have missed:

    "Regardless, either argument in such a situation is completely faulty."

    I was being dialectical.
    Furthermore, it's illogical to say that making assumptions allows you to keep an open mind. To make an assumption is to form a theory before you learn the facts. When you have a theory before the facts, you'll bend them to fit what you assumed.

    By the way. . .
    You're saying that "Most rapes aren't reported because of fears that they won't be taken seriously." Now, If they aren't reported, then how can you say 'most rapes aren't reported'? In other words, how can you denote there to be a large number, if they aren't even mentioned by the victims?

    It's quite apparent that you feel strongly about this, but when you let your sympathy influence your judgement, it leads to innocent people being prosecuted.

    To further stess my standing, I do not, and wouldn't assume honesty, nor deceit with any such matter.
    "As our case is new, we must think and act anew. "
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