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How would you describe your childhood, in general? You liked living with your parents, did they teach you anything, or did you have to find out how the world works by yourself?
My childhood? It was definitely good. Mom and dad were -really- understanding when it came to... uh, my powers. They helped me get some anger-management type thing, helped me control my temper. It really helped me to get good control of my powers. Other than that, it was nice. Chores, homework, the works, really.

Did you enjoy the normal school? How would you compare it to the Gilded Halls?
Well, uh... here's the thing. I didn't even go to a normal school. After the incident in kindergarden, mom and dad thought it best to have me homeschooled. So... before going to Gilded Halls, I just sort of... was stuck at home.

In your new school, is there anybody you idolize?
Idolize? I don't really think so. I've made a couple of friends, but nobody I really look up to as such, and we haven't met any teachers yet.

Does your sister have any powers like you whatsoever?
No, she doesn't. Or... at least I don't think she does. Hmh.

If she had, do you think you'd be able to bear her around you if she joined the Gilded Halls?
Oh god, if she came to the same school? That would be -horrible-. I mean... I could bear it, sure, but it'd be really annoying having her running around, calling me 'little brother' all the time. Ugh.

What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
Important? I guess that'd be the whole kindergarden incident thing. It made me realize that I have powers, made my parents really... step up and show how much they love me, all that stuff.

What is the evilest thing you can imagine yourself capable of doing?
That I can imagine myself -capable- of doing? Erk, that's... a difficult one. Some kind of prank, I suppose. I don't really want to hurt people. Unless I really don't like them, and in that case... hmh. Probably either just humiliate them in front of everyone else, anonymously, or something like that.

What is your motto? Do you live by any words that have changed your life?
Does 'Hakuna mattata' count? *He grins*

What is your best memory?
Hmm... probably either arriving at Gilded Halls, finding out how everyone else there also had powers. Or... when I was younger, when I accidentally broke part of a shelf in the kitchen when trying to lift something down from there. I thought mom and dad would be so angry at me and my sister called me an idiot, but when they found out, they just made sure I was okay, of course, they told me to be more careful, but they took me and my sister to the nearby ice cream parlor during the evening and... we had a really good time. Mmh... yeah, that's probably the best one.

Have you made any enemies in the new school of yours?
Nope, no enemies yet. Seen a couple people I thought seemed a little... snooty, and would prefer not to get close to them, but in general, no.

Have you lost any friends because you got into that school, and have you made any new friends there?
I've made three... four-ish new friends, two of them being really close, and one of them sadly having an accident and being taken out of the school almost right away. It's a shame, because he was a cool guy. I lost a friend that I lived next to back at home, but I think we agreed to talk together if we ever got to a computer.
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