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    @Maced - Anthony Sommers

    You seem to change the subject whenever it's about the past, why is that?
    Do you consider yourself a pirate?
    What role do you play on the ship?
    What actions have contributed to the others shipmates holding you to such a high level of respect?
    What's the worst crime you have committed?
    Do you ever want to be captain of your own ship?
    Do you see yourself sailing the seas for the rest of your life?
    Do you want to start a family?
    You seem very out of touch with modern society, is this intentional, caused by being on the sea for so long, or a combination of both?
    What's your goal you're trying to reach, if you have one?
    Have you had any personal encounters with trainers to spark your dislike of them?

    PairPC sister
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