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    You seem to have 2 banlists confused with each other, re: LilJz.

    TCG Banlist is as posted by PlatinumDude. Favors an aggressive format where there are two possibilities: one, playing heavy backrow hate to defeat the singleton staple Traps that people will run (and obviously other random useful defensive not-so-staple Traps like DPrison and Fiendish Chain), and two, playing no backrow to capitalize on the fact that people play heavy backrow hate. I am ambivalent about the effect of the format, but will likely be playing Agent Angel or Hieratics.

    OCG Banlist:
    Burner, Stream, Lightning, Reactan
    Spellbook Judgment Day

    Genex Ally Birdman
    Wind-Up Shark
    Mermail - Abyssteus
    Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster
    Number 11: Big Eye
    Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Super Rejuvenation
    Divine Wind of Mist Valley

    Chaos Sorcerer
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
    Gladiator Beast Bestiari
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
    Fire Formation - Tenki
    Black Whirlwind

    Wind-Up Magician
    E - Emergency Call
    Advanced Ritual Art
    Pot of Duality
    Mirror Force

    This list is extremely interesting because it increases the power in the format. I mean, obviously it nerfed Dragon Ruler and Prophecy, but defensive Trap power goes up with the unlimiting of Mirror Force. Magician Shark got switched around to make combos harder I guess, which is fine. R7 Mermail got nerfed, but Diva is still at 3 and Trishula is now available to make, so no big deal. 3-axis got a slight nerf with Rooster to 1, though Tenki to 2 probably hurts a lot more. Big Eye limit is inevitable, due to it being much more broke than Dracossack. Divine Wind OTK got killed off immediately as it became discovered... oh well, whatever.

    Chaos Sorcerer and Gorz both to 2 greatly increases the amount of respect that needs to be had for chaos monsters as well as the time to OTK; I mean after all Gorz is a 2700 body guy, and the token he makes ranges anywhere from being decent to extremely big. I like these changes, and didn't like the fact that Chaos Sorc went to 1 anyway. 2 is the number that most people will run even if it goes to 3, so it is fine. Mole to 2 is semi-irrelevant (Rock STUN is a thing of the past, really ... it might work? But I doubt it), but Whirlwind and Bestiari to 2 should give both of the decks a decent and welcome boost. A lot of the dominance of GB came in the form of Cold Wave and Book of Moon, so it's somewhat iffy if they will be able to perform as well as they did, but Black Feather should do a lot better in the TCG because of their ability to use the extremely brutal Icarus Attack play (after a Shura swing preferably) as well as Delta Crow - Anti Reverse. Plus, Whirlwind to 3 in the TCG! That's crazy.

    Tsukuyomi to 3 is like whatever, doesn't matter much. E-Call to 3 - like I said, HERO. ARA helps Perfect Herald (and the random Demise deck I guess but...), but I honestly hate the deck so IDK (although, I might not run 3 ARA even so given the reliability of Preparations for the Ritual and Manju). Duality helps consistency for some decks (once more, notably, HERO...) and is fine to see go back to 3. Scapegoat and Reasoning have the potential to become extremely troll cards (I know I've been trolled by them in the few days I've played on YGOPro with the new banlist ... lol), and we'll see what people do with them to 3 in the near future.

    Necroface Chaos is actually a lot better this OCG format... 2 Gorz helps a lot, since level 8 Synchro access is much more reliable, and 2 Chaos Sorcerer means more frequent Arcanite.


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