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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Shock Master is a broken OP card! OCG toned the power up, and TCG toned the power down, so it's completely reasonable to ban Shock Master in the TCG. I think Dragoons and Diva are the correct hits in Mermail, actually; free searches 24/7 is super annoying, as is the power to constantly put tons of damage onto the board for no apparent reason. Mermail needed to lose consistency, and with Diva and Dragoons hit, it will do exactly that.

I think Divine Wind is a dumb card and should be removed. It wasn't even the Blaze Fenix OTK that was the problem... the very existence of Harpie Dancer makes Divine Wind a problematic card : s
I disagree that Shock Master is an OP card. He is very powerful, but not particularly easy to make. It's also not overly meta relevant - recent meta decks do not have the ability to spam triple material rank 4s. I can see it as a pre-emptive strike against Xyz Infernities, but aside from that it only removes a weapon lower tier decks have. I agree that free searching is annoying, but Abyss-sphere and Abyssteus provide similar consistency. Hitting them not only leaves Atlanteans intact, but hurts Mermails without making them more linear. Diva however is an extremely powerful card, worthy of a hit on principal.

Divine Wind is only dumb because of self-interaction. One free level 4 per turn is fine. The problem is that Divine Wind's once per turn clause is of the weaker variety, so replacing it with a new copy allows re-use and subsequent abuse. I do strongly dislike hitting Duel Terminal cards, though. Seems a bit cruel to put so many cards with genuine uses on the banlist because Konami were so incredibly lazy with their restrictions.

Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
There's a reason why Spirit got Limited: to help curb the spamming of Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince. Before the list was announced, I went up against a few Horse Prince spam decks, and man, those were overwhelming, even though I managed to come out at top once.
I know the power Fire Fist have. I do not however think Spirit is the correct card to hit. 3-axis Fire Fist does very little of note without Rooster, but it still exists. 3-axis without Spirit does absolutely nothing. It also stops players from ever having a chance at playing a deck that probably wouldn't have been overly dominant anyway. They've hit deck diversity for no good reason.