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    They miss the old games, sometimes it's about a better old game, sometimes it's about a new introduction of a new gizmo or jeez, whatever unsettling. See, Black and White opened two new types of Pokémon, formes and non-living. And the designs over them were a bit like what a kid would want. That came along with a "completely fresh new start", with no other regional Pokémon, dampening hopes of new cross-evolutions. But then... they got used to it, like how you'd get used to living in a new home. We all found how beast Zekrom was... and how awesome Reshiram was. We all found out that adorable critter Victini, those formidable Swords of Justice, Terrakoin, Virizion and Cobalion.
    We all loved Braviary and Archeops, we made Carracosta and Mandibuzz prosper.
    Then, in Black 2 and White 2, they despised it in general, since the whole 2nd version idea was new. But when leaks of the "all Pokémon catchable" came up, they hung up the boots and hoped for an unexplored Unova at it's fullest.

    X & Y, not much to say, really... Mega-Evolutions are sounding unnatural, so is the Fairy type...
    Then comes the raging Hoenn remake demand. After which the completely new graphic style which everyone nostalgic probably dislikes.
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