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凱撒 卡內基
Caesar Carnegie
° E A R T H °
Ying Zhao Pai

Which directly translates into "Eagle Claw". A style of Chinese martial arts which is known for its gripping techniques, system of joint locks, takedowns, and pressure point strikes, the second and third Caesar is familiarized with to a degree. Particularly: single and double leg takedown, armlocks and leglocks.
Six feet in height and 80kg in weight. A young male of average build, not so great but not to be ignored, either. His peachy skin tone melds nicely with the color tones of his clothes. His face is slightly round, curving down to a pronounced chin as one goes down his face. His eyes are like small little ovals and are a clear hazel. A set of slightly thick eyebrows is placed over them, of the same dirty almond color of his hair. Said hair is short and slightly messy, rising up in a myriad of tiny spikes. His ears are not of a great size, but are certainly noticed with his short hair. His wide nose is his most notable trait, and a small set of lips is neatly placed under it. And finally, a tattoo made very recently depicting Ba Sing Se, the city from which his family hails from, is placed by the side of his neck.

His under clothing is a set of black tighs and a matching undershirt of the same color. Over these two pieces of clothing one will find a pair of leather boots neatly embracing his legs, a pair of fingerless gloves claiming the domains of his gloves, and a sort of vest/robe lovechild. The latter piece of apparel is of a dirty shade of green on the outside, and a clear green inside, it is buttoned and both the buttons and borders of it are a bright yellow. Added to this is a hoodie in the upper end of the robe. It looks pretty. Nothing more can be said about it.
He is intuitive, and has a very defined sense of logic. He, however, is not very fond of having to be mentally teased, and actually hates to spend much time thinking. His fists can do all the talking, y'know? He is veery confident in his skills, and with a very high-self esteem you'll find him embracing his traits with grace, especially those in the appearance department. He's just so... so pretty. He can also get very dependent with those that excel him both in fights and mentally. He will stick to those peeps like Queen Leech from the Resident Evil series, learning from their behaviors and improving his own faults that led him to be defeated by said figures in the first place.

He is organized, both in his fighting routines and pretty much any task that he must carry. He's a fan of scheduling, and more than once he will be rushing stuff around because the time he designated to it is running low. Added to this is his very energetic nature. He likes to jump and run and bounce and whatnot whenever he can, and can get in some trouble due to the ruckus created by his behavior. But he won't mind them. It's his deal to be as lousy as he wants to. Everyone else is just jealous. So yeas, you can say this is also accompanied by his insanely huge pride on him, his family and his inheritance. Most people find this last trait to be annoying, as he won't shut up saying how important his ancestors were and bla, bla, bla....

He is certain and proud of his being in a long line of Earth benders. rumor has it that his grandfathers's grandmother's uncle's cousin's brother's neighbor once saw a member of the Bei Fong family walking around. Imagine the pride they felt and gained that fateful day! ... Nah, fo' realsies, he comes rom a long line of adept earthbenders and some fighters here and there, and as such he tries to combine the best fighting skills and earthbending skills that have been passed by his family across centuries. He does not favor one over the other, but he tends to leave his bending as a last resort technique during a fight. There's no sense on destroying landmasses if you can solve issues with your fists, correct?

He is a natural leader but dislikes to lead, and as such will be found following someone around most of the time. He, however, is very keen to suggest improvements with quite some frequency, so he pretty much leads from backstage, so to speak. He dislikes being alone and will make a huge effort to be always accompanied by at least one person. He's a very nice and kind guy, supportive and cheerful... But he's got some mood issues. He gets cranky with ease and when this happens he will curse you, your clothes, the people that made them, and even the tables said people had lunch at. Avoid him with delicacy when this happens, people walking away from him makes him very irate, and if he was already cranky, then he will be furious.
Brief History:
Caesar hails from a long line of Earthbenders, as I believe was already stated. His great grandparents were very renown earthbenders who were all very known in their age. The Carnegie surname then became slowly forgotten as their descendants were all potatoes or something, seeing how none of them are as known as them, not even his parents. Even so, those who are proud of their heritage will ramble ever so constantly about how important the Carnegie were back in the date and how known they were in Ba Sing Se. Their status in society nowadays? I'm pretty sure there's a taco stand named "Carnegie's" somewhere around Republic City...

From a very young age Caesar showed fascinating for martial arts, going as far as to just skip Avatar lessons -and after the camp disbanded, his school lessons- to go practice his fighting techniques. First his parents were all annoyed, telling him that his behavior is not worthy of a Carnegie. Sod them, is he wanted to punch some stuff then he would punch some stuff.

Some family feuds arose because of this, but eventually stele in an agreement they eventually reached. Somewhat-decent grades from Caesar should arrive home, and if they did then he was free to do as he wished with his Punch-Slap-Karate-Thingies. Yes, his family is filled with fighters of the style he's practicing, but most of said fighters are right off their head and the attempt of his parents to force him stop training is mostly because of that sole fact. Still, Caesar has grown to be a very healthy young male,. both physically and mentally.

That tatto? His parents think it's fake.
Shhhhhhh, it's a secret ;]

Avatar training? Swell. He met some folks as he too got dragged from his house under the excuse of being the Avatar. His name is not Avatar, it's Caesar... Most faces met there and even the shape of the training grounds are now blurred figures in his memories. But one thing he did learn in training camp is that he can't just lean on Earthbending for whatever he does, which lead him to train even harder. This time around, his father began to help him. He might not be the Avatar, but learning how to control Eartjh and how to balance his fighting style with it has got to be some progress. Plus his grades slowly began to become not-so-mediocre so why not?

Caesar's dream is to become talented enough to participate in a pro-bending match. But for now, he'll watch and learn from those who participate in said sports matches, while slowly awaiting his own time to shine, all the while training and sweating - mostly sweating...
Sample Roleplay:
"Walking Fist!"

"Linking Fist!"

"Seize Grab!"


One set of poses, and then another. He basks and he twists, he jumps and he kicks. He punches, of course. And then he repeats. That's how a regular morning goes for him. Training in the morning where he lives, then he can go around doing what he wants in the day. There are times though, where his training lasts far too long, and when he realizes it, he's spend an entire day practicing and sweating, and has wasted a day worth of walking around the city.

But he stopped getting so much into training after being into the Avatar training thing. They sure taught him a lot of stuff, but they never really got him to incinerate stuff, to make wind sway or to go splish splosh when he came across water. This not his thing, He's just happy with earthbending and his fighting skills. They're everything it takes to make him happy.

Another fist, another grab. He notices a drip of sweat running down his face. And with that, he realizes his body drenching in sweat.

"How long?" He asks as he regains a regular standing pose. The wind smelling of damp grass blows to him as he stops to contemplate the morning beauty of Republic City. Birds flying, trees painted with several different colors, light filtering thru them and hitting the lush grass. Cars driving, people walking. The sounds of voices discussing over trivial things, and the sights of people of multiple looks and shapes. The water of the nearby lakes reflecting the light of the sun. It always makes for a great view when you live in a moderately sized house, amongst houses that look exactly the same and are facing towards a lake.

"Hour and a half." A voice interrupts him from behind, it's his father. A man that looks just like Caesar, only of a darker skin and rugged skin, more than likely from all the years he's been living and working as a construction worker.

"Just about time," Caesar laughs, he was right on time to watch a pro bending match, or, rather, another pro bending match. Being a pro bending aficionado you cannot watch enough of those matches, yes?

"Indeed." He adds with a slightly pronounced smile, "Be back around 6, or else."

"Not to worry," with that he returns to their home, contemplating his next course of action. A shower and then he'll get going, yeah, that should be it. Nothing more afterwards, just him walking around town, "I don't do anything interesting nowadays, so I'll be back quite early." A bouncing step and a whistling tune, this young male retreats to his home for a well deserved shower, always pondering the exciting battle that awaits his watching eye...

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