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(Here goes, I hope it's good enough that Geras doesn't murder Davian just by the pure awesomeness of his SU)

Name: Davian Krotesse

Element: Metal

Additional weapon: Omni Orbs

Davian learned of his metal bending at a fairly young age and after a bit of practicing with fellow Avatar prospects he realized he was at a severe disadvantage in a fight with another bender, he couldn't just carry metal around and use it, and only the police had access to weapons that synergized well with metal bending. After a while of frustrating himself trying to make his bending more practical he had a great idea. He snuck by one of the factories a couple of times and gathered iron and steel scrap till he had a good amount. After he had the base components ready he found a fire bender and a water bender since he didn't know any smiths who might want to help him. He had the fire bender melt the scraps down into one blob of liquid metal and the water bender cool them, leaving him with hunks of regular old iron/steel mix.

He had the benders alternate at different intervals until finally one pattern turned the metal into 2 small blobs that seemed both solid and liquid at the same time. The blobs stayed together and wouldn't mix with things like water and other liquids, but were malleable and soft by default. Davian found that his metal bending worked on these blobs, and he could even solidify them to a hardness that would make heavily reinforced and folded steel jealous. Ever since then he has used these orbs as extremely versatile, easy to hide tools.

Davian can turn the orbs into just about any metal tool and can easily switch them back to their base components to reform/gather them back up and they make for very adaptable weapons in battle. His favorite way to use them in a fight is to hold one in each hand and switch them between being swords and shields depending on the situation, he also likes to make multiple throwing knives out of them since he can lightly guide them in the air making for very accurate throws, then simply melt them back down and return them to the omni-orbs. Another big reason he prefers using his omni-orbs is to save energy, metal bending sometimes takes considerably more energy for the same results than other styles simply by virtue of manipulating matter that is denser and heavier so using easily handheld objects like the orbs and whatever they become saves a lot of energy.

As far as actual fighting style Davian knows a few different forms of martial arts but he fights with his own style. Davian fights with a mixture of everything he knows about fighting and does whatever he can to get an advantage, a style he's called Anything-Goes Martial Arts ever since he heard it somewhere (he doesn't remember where). Preferring to adapt on the fly so that any plans or preconceived notions his opponent has are useless.

Appearance: Davian is fairly muscular thanks to the fact that he's been handling metal consistently since he was a kid, and he likes to train anyways. He's about 6'1, fairly thin despite his musculature and has straight shoulder length black hair with occasional bright blond highlights. He swears he didn't put highlights in his hair and have no idea why they showed up, but they remain nonetheless. His skin is pretty pale thanks to all the time he's spent underground and in dank slums and his eyes are a strange silver, he always seems to be scrutinizing whatever he looks at so combined with their strange color his eyes can unnerve people sometimes. He tends to wear loose black pants, brown steel-toed boots and a long green sleeveless shirt with yellow trim over a white undershirt, but he is working on a suit of armor for himself and sometimes has bits and baubles for/from it on his person.

Davian's face is nothing special besides his eyes, it has a masculine look to it with a bit of a pronounced chin and leanness to the cheeks. He has a scar going diagonally down and to the left on his right cheek and a small one going right down over the middle of his left eyebrow from the only two times he's ever made serious mistakes dealing with various metal tools over the years. Although his armor is nowhere near finished Davian has completed two spiked titanium bracelets which he wears all the time, and two greaves of the same titanium combination he puts on whenever he knows he's going to be fighting soon. He plans to add more pieces to most of his repertoire over time since he can use bending to alleviate the weight and stay mobile. Davian has two medium leather bags that hold his Omni-Orbs (about the size of bowling balls) hanging precisely from a leather and steel belt that has been heavily reinforced to handle their weight, the pouches have little iron braces on the draw strings so he can open and close them with his bending. He never trains with weights because of how heavy the Orbs are since he ALWAYS has them.

Personality: Davian is in some ways a complex individual...but then again, aren't we all? He is, like most people, ultimately kindhearted. But he is extremely lazy, he doesn't put energy into anything unless something stirs his passion. He also seems to WANT people to think he's a jerk for some reason, saying things he doesn't mean that piss people off, hiding his feelings and acting selfish even though he's not. He's very smart and has a quick wit, but he's not really knowledgeable, just intelligent and intuitive. He's not really one to offer help much, and if he does he usually masks it as thinking the other person wouldn't do it well enough. But if something important happens he understands. And though Davian is a realist and knows you can't help everyone he will NEVER just watch someone suffer in front of him.

Despite his outer demeanor Davian isn't very prideful and doesn't think he's got much of anything special to offer, he just refuses to do anything short of the best he can, even though he thinks his best isn't much. He is determined to make the world a better place at some point...he just has no idea how, and he has a chronic listening problem, he will remember everything people say, but has a hard time following advice. He is pretty analytical and can tell most of the time if someone knows something better than him, he just won't admit it, but he will keep it in mind. As far as girls go, Davian has no thoughts on them, he just sees them as people...softer, prettier people with more pleasant voices and...well basically he's never had a crush or really any romantic thoughts, which is good for making friends...but sometimes it causes him to miss serious context in how people act towards each other and him.

Brief History:
Davian grew up in a moderate home in Republic City with his parents, not much to tell about his early life, he was a typical kid who had never even heard of bending until the fifth anniversary of his birth. On Davian's fifth birthday some rather ornately dressed people showed up and spoke to his parents for what seemed to him like a very long time. After the discussion was over his Parents told him that the robed people were from the "Order of the White Lotus" And that he might be someone very special. His parents had never told him that his father was an Earth Bender and they didn't really know how to tell him right then either, so they just talked to him reassuringly until he believed that the lotus people were nice. For a long while after he was taken to the Avatar Training Camp Davian accomplished nothing, they were trying to teach him Earth Bending, little did they know his affinity missed a step and was a bit different from his father's. It wasn't until the day that Davian was angry at being woken up early to train and reflexively bent one of the legs of his bed, crashing himself to the ground and crushing one of the monks' feet that they realized he was in fact a Metal Bender.

Once he was receiving the proper branch of training Davian began to make progress in leaps and bounds, but not in making friends, the only other kid he spoke to the whole time was the only Air Bender there, and that was only once. Once he returned from the training camp Davian became much less reclusive and threw himself into life and training with a vigor that was completely alien to his parents perception of him before, after a while he even had a stroke of genius and two other benders helped him make impressive weapons. (Of course he never told his parents of the Omni-Orbs) For the next 7 years Davian continued his normal life, only different from before in that he had passion, a hobby (training) and began to actually make friends. The day after Davian turned 13 his mother came to his room to wake him up with a nice breakfast only to find he was gone, leaving behind only a note that said he'd be back and he was sorry.

Four years and eleven months after his unexpected departure Davian returned to Republic City taller, with new scars, and as a different person. Some people were impressed at how confident and precise he had become in his bending and the fact that he wasn't skittish anymore. His parents, on the other hand, were crushed at how their little boy had become such a grim and apparently uncaring man, he was distant, didn't have a nice word for anyone, and worst of all he wouldn't ask out any girls! They wanted grandkids eventually dammit! Most people, even those who had been his friends merely said that whatever he did while he was gone made him a jerk, and good riddance if he left again. After a month of wandering around, getting into trouble and refusing to tell anyone even his parents a single detail about his trip Davian decided it had been too long since he saw anything like fighting, and went to see a pro-bending show, nobody has any idea where he got the money for it but he got a ticket and went, to a great surprise: He recognized one of the pro benders from the Avatar Training Camp! Even after all these years he could tell it was him.

Sample Roleplay: "No! I don't want to go! I wanna stay with mommy and daddy!" Davian continued to protest as if he were being abused, even though in realty the kind bender was only gently nudging him forward when he stopped. He entered into a large place, he knew it was inside because he couldn't see the sky but...he wanted to go back to mommy and daddy, ride on daddy's shoulders and eat mommy's delicious food...But they had told him everything would be okay, the people he was going with were nice and he would see his parents again soon but...why did he have to go? What could they need a little boy like him before.

Lies...he couldn't believe his parents had told him those people were nice...they made him punch wooden doll things...and stare at hunks of metal until his head hurt! They weren't nice...they were big mean jerks...he had seen some of the other kids with floating water, or shooting fire out of their hands...or throwing big rocks, he even saw a kid who could make wind or something but him...he couldn't do anything, why was he here?

Amazing...He did it! He really did it! He had made the metal box move...and when he did the adults praised him more than usual, and for once he felt he deserved it! None of the other kids seemed to care but...he had finally done something special.

He had talked to the kid with the wind today, the boy had been fairly quiet like him...but then one of those fire kids talked to him and they went away quickly to do something and he was alone again...but not fully alone, there were other people with talents like his here...he was even told he might be someone great...some sort of...aviator? Could he fly? He couldn't remember what word they told all the kids.

Now he could move the metal box easily, they gave him a bigger one, that was made up of lots of metal sticks...pipes he thought they were called. The second box was a lot harder to move, it fell apart when he tried to lift it. After days of trying and failing he managed to lift the box and then put the first one inside of it, he hoped the other kids thought he was good, he felt like he had just gotten lucky.

He had gotten to use one of the pipe things today...a pole...a...staff? For some reason his was made of metal with soft pad thingies on the ends even though everybody else had wood, they put him with another kid and told them to try to hit each other...the other kid had hit him and he cried. About a week later he was sent on another sparring session (he learned yesterday that's what they are called) and now he knows how to use his staff, he had blocked the other boy a few times and then after the boy hit him real hard in the chest he swung low to the ground and pushed the boys legs out from under him. The boy cried louder than he had the first time and he found out what he had done was a called a 'leg sweep', and all the adults scolded him instead of praising him for winning like when he moved the boxes...he didn't understand what he did wrong. interesting, who would have thought something that required you to sit still could be so fun! The monks had given him and the other students books that talked about someone called "Aang" and then someone named "Korra" they were great heroes who saved the world, and they had powers like him and the other kids...they were...oh yeah! Avatars! And apparently him and all the other kids might be Avatar's too...although secretly he knew it must be one of the other kids, he wasn't the smartest, the nicest, the strongest, and he didn't have the best control over his bending...nice to finally understand what bending was though.

He waved goodbye to the other kids as they left one by one, but the only one he said goodbye too was that Airbender boy, he hoped he would meet him and maybe some of the others again, they were the only kids he had really been around so far. They put him in some sort of machine with no windows to take him back to his parents, apparently the place they had been was a big secret...Not like it mattered, he wasn't smart enough to memorize whatever path they took. He thought it would be nice to see Mother and Father again...if only to not have to eat such simple tasteless food anymore.
"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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