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Managing finances is something I'm focusing on. Its actually something I think about a lot, because I live on my own (well, I have roommates, but you know) and pay for all of my own food, and bills, car payments, insurance, and rent. Occasionally, I come up short and have to resort to asking for help, and I don't like doing that.

My number one problem with money is food. I dine out a lot, and I eat at fast food restaurants a lot. I enjoy cooking, but I find it to be a hassle and because of my schedule, I don't have the time. I just want something fast. I'm trying to change that around, and so far, its going good.

I looked at my finances the other day, and I tend to spend about $650 or so on dining and fast food within one month. That's absolutely terrible, and is the root to my coming up short with rent sometimes. As soon as I saw just how much money I was spending, I knew I had to change something. So now I'm spending about $20.00 a week on simple things like soup and pasta sides that I can eat, instead of more convenient fast food.

Apart from food, I don't really buy anything.

I'm trying to become more frugal and responsible with my money, because I like having money. I don't like living paycheck to paycheck and would rather save as much as I can.
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