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Mmm, their sole ambition is to turn over a profit and that's what will determine whether they choose to remake Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire or not. The reason why Gold & Silver were remade was probably because Gold & Silver were the most popular and/or profitable games to that point in time, HGSS have shifted 12 Million copies which proves it was the right decision on their behalf for them to re-create those games. Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire on the other hand didn't do as well in terms of sales, but that doesn't mean RS remakes wouldn't do well either.. heck they could even outsell their predecessors. Judging by the amount of demand for these remakes I think it's safe to say that they would generate a huge profit for Game Freak but it's whether they believe that Ruby & Sapphire remakes could shift millions of copies, we know they would but it's entirely down to them what games they release and what they believe will make the most money for them.